Qatargate, Giorgi: “Accountant and Panzeri in Qatar during the World Cup”

The statements contained in Mae, check a Palestinian and Hakan

“At the beginning of 2019, Panzeri (former MEP Pier Antonio, ed) thought that instead of taking cash it would have been preferable to create one legal structure in which we could have attended – mainly him, because I had my job – and therefore manage the flow of money. That’s why Panzeri turned to his accountant, Monica Belliniwhich by the way she went to Qatar with Panzeri during the World Cup“. These are the statements of Francesco Giorgi, former assistant of Panzeri and companion of the former vice president of the European Parliament Eva Kaili, reported in the European arrest warrant, signed by the Belgian investigating judge Michel Claise in the European arrest warrant executed in Milan for the accountant of the Panzeri family.

“The consultancy company, Equality (Consultancy, currently in liquidation ed.) was created in Italy and provided services to a company based in England. It was the Palestinian who suggested contacting Hakan (a person of whom no other details, ed) and to his company in England, whose name I don’t remember. Since an English company was involved, the documents had to be prepared in English” explains Giorgi who is collaborating with the justice system together with Panzeri.

My involvement was to put Panzeri, his accountant Bellini and his daughter Silvia in contact (neither of whom spoke English) with Hakan. Silvia prepared the legal documentation, I contributed to the creation of Equality based on my linguistic knowledge and some acquaintances of my family who spoke English provided concrete help, without knowing what they were doing” concludes Giorgi.