Qatargate, house arrest for Panzeri: at home in Belgium with an electronic bracelet

The announcement of the lawyer four months after the arrest of the former MEP

Almost four months after his arrest, former Pd MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri will be released from prison. This was announced by his lawyer, Laurent Kennes, who anticipated to the Rtbf broadcaster that Panzeri, arrested on charges of corruption and money laundering in the context of the so-called Qatargate, will go under house arrest with the obligation of an electronic bracelet. not in Italy, but in the flat where he resides in Belgiumas decided by the Brussels Council Chamber.

The former MEP of Pd and Article One, after the arrest had agreed to collaborate with the Belgian justice system by signing a memorandum in which, accused of “having participated in a criminal organization as a manager, of money laundering and public corruption, active and passive”, he undertook “to inform the judiciary and the investigators in particular on the modus operandi, the financial agreements with third States, the financial architectures put in place, the beneficiaries of the structures put in place and the advantages proposed, the implication of known and yet unknown people in the dossier, including the identity of the people who admit to have corrupted”. By virtue of the memorandum, Panzeri obtained a reduction in his sentence. However, the sentence included “prison, a fine and the confiscation of all the patrimonial advantages acquired, currently valued at 1 million euros”.