Qatargate, media: “Kaili confesses, Panzeri accuses Tarabella”

The newspaper Le Soir writes that the former vice president of the EU Parliament would have asked her father to hide the money

Former Vice President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, admitted that she asked her father to hide a large part of the money that was in her house and that was seized in recent days in the context of the Qatargate investigation. The newspaper Le Soir writes it, according to which the confession came during the interrogation with the Belgian magistrates, who arrested her on 9 December last. And Thursday the hearing of the Council Chamber is expected to decide on the release of the Greek politician, detained for 12 days in the women’s section of the Belgian prison of Haren.

As Judge Michel Claise writes in the arrest warrant, “the defendant admitted that she had instructed her father to hide the money. And she declares that she was aware of her husband’s (Francesco Giorgi, ed) activity in the past with Mr. Panzeri and what suitcases of cash passed through his apartment”. According to the document viewed by Le Soir and Repubblica, the former television journalist “also tried to warn the honorable Panzeri and two MEPs mentioned in the investigation”, but whose names are not mentioned.

“I am personally outraged that you have had access to these documents,” denounced Eva Kaili’s Belgian lawyer, André Risopoulos. “Am I the only one who respects the rules?” asks the lawyer, believing that speaking of “partial confessions” for his client “is a biased interpretation”.

And again: the former MEP Antonio Panzeri he would have admitted partial involvement in the scandal involving Morocco as well as Doha, writes Le Soir again, quoting the Belgian judge Claise, according to which Panzeri accused the socialist MEP Marc Tarabella of being the recipient of “gifts from Qatar”. Panzeri is “partially confessing the facts”, writes the Belgian daily.

“Mr Tarabella has not received gifts from anyone. And he has not been influenced in making his decisions and adopting his positions”, replied the lawyer of the Belgian MEP, Maxim Töller.