Qatargate, MEP Marc Tarabella remains in prison

The Court of Appeal of the Brussels court has decided to keep MEP Marc Tarabella in prison again, in preventive detention since February 10 in the context of Qatargate. This was reported by the Belgian politician’s lawyer, Maxim Toeller, indicating that a new review of his pre-trial detention should be held by the end of March.

Tarabella’s lawyer: “He will be transferred to a prison closer to the family”

“To bring him closer to his family – added the lawyer – despite his unjust imprisonment, we have obtained that he will be transferred shortly” from the Brussels prison of Saint-Gilles “to a prison closer to his family”, probably “in the area of Wallonia”.

“We will continue to fight to get an innocent person out of prison because, we remind you, Marc Tarabella is innocent, he has nothing to reproach himself for and has never received money or gifts in exchange for his opinions – continued the lawyer – The average duration of preventive detention in Belgium is just over three months, but three months in prison for an innocent person is certainly much longer than for a guilty person”, added Toeller underlining that “the fact that this situation is based on selfish accusations is difficult to accept”.