Qatargate, new hearing for Panzeri. Legal: “Polluted investigation”

The former MEP of the S&D group in the chamber: it should be decided whether or not to confirm the state of arrest

The former MEP of the S&D group Antonio Panzeri will be present this morning at the hearing in private in Brussels in which it should be decided whether to confirm the state of detention or not, “but in any case you will not see it”. Panzeri’s lawyer Laurent Kennes says so, without releasing any comment on the duration or content of today’s hearing.

The lawyer limited himself to saying that “in 25 years I have rarely seen” leaks “as I have seen on this dossier. For this reason I have decided not to comment, because we believe it pollutes the investigation. I learned of elements of the dossier through what was reported in the press. Reading La Repubblica and Le Soir we discovered things we didn’t know”.

“It is quite extraordinary – underlines Kennes – the danger is not only that the investigation is polluted, but we see two people for whom immunity has been requested to be waived who have not yet been questioned and who will be questioned later. The elements of the dossier on which they will be interrogated are partially communicated: this damages the quality of the investigation, damages its credibility.I remind you that when a professional communicates information, without having the authorization of the court or the defense lawyers in the interest of their customer, commits a criminal offence”.

Possible crimes do not concern “journalists”, the lawyer specifies. “We are talking about corruption: four years at the most. If the criminal risks are more important” for criminal association, “nevertheless, the violation of professional secrecy provides for a maximum penalty of three years. For justice, it is It’s a shame they can’t stop this kind of leak.”

From experience “I know that it is difficult to carry out these types of investigations. We know that the federal prosecutor had announced the launch of an investigation,” concludes Kennes.