Qatargate, Noto pollster: ‘Pd loses 1% support, 80% disappointed electorate’

“Lost 3% since September. 2/3 of the votes for M5s, 1/3 abstaining”

“The crisis of the Democratic Party cannot be attributable to the Qatar scandal. The Democratic Party was already in crisis before: in the elections last September it had obtained 19 percent and in November it had dropped to 17 percent. Now, after the scandal, it’s hovering around 16 percent, so it’s lost 1 percent.” So to Adnkronos the pollster Antonio Noto who comments: “This means that the Qatar Gate has had an impact, but limited, marginal”.

Noto then draws a demarcation between the “disappointment” front and the “party change” front: “One thing does not imply the other – he explains – On the one hand, the motivational strength of the Democratic Party towards its electorate and its strength of aggregation diminish of new voters, so much so that the disappointment in the dem electorate affects about 80% of its electorate, on the other hand, the abandonment of the party after the Qatargate concerns only 1% of its voters.In fact, the disappointed voter does not change party from one day to the next, times are long”.

Who got the 3% lost? “2% went to the 5 stars, 1% abstained. – replies the pollster – Looking ahead there could be the same proportions: 2/3 of the votes that abandoned the Democratic Party could go to the pentastellati. Now we need to understand how the investigation will proceed and if new political subjects are born. The new Pd secretary will have to understand how to further motivate the disappointed, because the risk is that the disappointed voters may recognize themselves in another party. This is the real problem today”. (Roberta Lanzara)