Qatargate, Orban’s ‘solution’: “Let’s abolish the European Parliament”

Hungarian premier: “Let’s replace him with national delegates”

Let’s abolish the European Parliament, let’s replace it with a Parliament of national delegates. This is the ‘solution’ proposed by Viktor Orban in the face of the mounting scandal of Qatargate within the European Parliament.

“The scandal is revealing: the European Parliament’s anti-corruption rules have failed miserably, if we want to restore public confidence the time has come to abolish the European Parliament”, writes the Hungarian prime minister on Twitter, thus proposing the dismantling of the European institution which on several occasions he harshly condemned the anti-democratic drift he impressed in Hungary.

“Our solution: create a new European Parliament made up of national delegates – continues Orban in another tweet – this guarantees greater control, accountability and credibility”. “Let’s give back control to the member states” concludes the sovereign leader, who then uses the hashtag #draintheswamp, let’s drain the swamp of corruption, which was the rallying cry of Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.