Qatargate, Tarabella and Giorgi released. Milan Court of Appeal denies extradition to Bellini

The federal prosecutor of Belgium has announced that the MEP Marc Tarabella and the parliamentary assistant Francesco Giorgi, both under house arrest after a few months spent in prison as part of the investigation into the so-called Qatargate, have been released under conditions. The investigators highlighted that “their preventive detention was no longer justified” but did not specify the conditions. At this point for Tarabella and Giorgi, right-hand man of the repentant former MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri and companion of the former vice-president of the European Parliament Eva Kaili, there will no longer be the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet.

Court of Appeal of Milan: “No to the delivery of Bellini to Belgium”

Meanwhile, this morning the Milan Court of Appeal denied the delivery to Belgium of Monica Rossana Bellini, the accountant of the Panzeri family arrested on 17 January on a European mandate, again as part of the Qatargate investigation. The Nova-Arnaldi-De Magistris judges of the fifth penal also revoked the ban on expatriation. The allegations of the Belgian investigators against the accountant, according to the motivations of the Italian judges, are “very vague” and despite the “willingness” of the Court of Appeal to wait for the sending of preliminary documentation from Brussels there was “a persistent silence” . The decision came at the fourth hearing on the extradition procedure, after three previous postponements. The same judges, waiting to receive clarifications from Brussels, which never arrived, had already released Bellini from house arrest on February 10, maintaining only the ban on expatriation. With today’s decision, this last coercive measure has also been revoked.