Qatargate, today the decision on those arrested for suspected corruption

Among them the vice president of the EU Parliament Eva Kaili and the former Italian MEP of the group of Socialists and Democrats Antonio Panzeri

It will be decided today, in the prosecutor’s office in Brussels, whether the 5 people arrested on Friday for the investigation by the Belgian judiciary into a criminal organization infiltrated the European Parliament and suspected of interference in EU politics and corruption by Qatar will remain in custody or they will be released. The decision whether to convert the detentions into arrests must in fact “be taken within 48 hours, within the terms of the law. It can therefore be expected between now and tomorrow”, confirmed yesterday a spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Among the arrested suspects, the Greek vice president of the European Parliament Eva Kailithe comrade, in addition to the former Italian MEP of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group Antonio Panzeri and the Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Luca Visentini.

“KAILI AND THE BAGS OF BANKNOTES IN THE HOUSE “- Some “sacks of banknotes”, meanwhile writes the Belgian newspaper L’Echo, were allegedly found in the Brussels house of the vice-president of the European Parliament Kaili. Kaili was therefore arrested in the context of the investigation for alleged corruption in flagrante delicto, which which explains why parliamentary immunity was not triggered, which is lost in these cases. Eva Kaili was expelled on Friday from Pasok. The group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, communicates the group, “has taken the decision to suspend MEP Eva Kaili’s membership from the S&D group with immediate effect, in response to ongoing investigations”.

In light of the ongoing judicial investigations by the Belgian authorities, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola “has decided to suspend with immediate effect all the powers, tasks and duties delegated to Eva Kaili in her capacity as Vice-President of the European Parliament”. This was reported by EU sources.

“PANZERI AND 100,000 EURO HOLIDAYS” – Antonio Panzeri could afford to take holidays with his wife for a cost of up to “100 thousand euros”. This is what emerges from information contained in some documents sent by the Belgian authorities to the Italian ones. According to Belgian investigators, the MDC wife “would have told” her husband “that she could not afford to spend 100,000 euros on holidays like last year and that she thought that the current proposal, 9,000 euros per person only for accommodation, was too expensive”. According to Belgian investigators, Panzeri’s daughter and wife, also arrested last Friday, appear “fully aware” of Panzeri’s activities.

The former S&D MEP is suspected by the Belgian authorities of having intervened “politically”, but “for payment” with some people who work in the European Parliament for the benefit not only of “Qatar”, but also of “Morocco”, emerges again from a of the documents transmitted by the Belgian authorities to Italy. Officially, the Belgian authorities have not even confirmed that the pressures concerned Qatar, but limited themselves to speaking of a “Gulf country”. The document specifies that the “presumption of innocence” still applies.

“The guarantee commission of Article Uno Lombardia has in the meantime suspended Panzeri from the register of members” reads a note from Article One. “In expressing bewilderment at what is emerging, Article One expresses confidence in the judicial authority and hopes that Panzeri will be able to demonstrate his extraneousness to a story that is completely incompatible with his history and his political commitment”.