Qatargate, yes to delivery of Panzeri wife to Belgium

This was decided by the first section of the Brescia court of appeal

Maria Dolores Colleoni, wife of former S&D group MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, arrested in Brussels on corruption and money laundering charges in the investigation renamed Qatargate, will be handed over to Belgium. This was decided by the first section of the Brescia court of appeal, a college presided over by judge Francesco Nappo, who accepted the request of the pg Giovanni Benelli, after five hours of deliberation.

According to Belgian justice, the former MEP of the Democratic Party and then of Article 1 is a member of “a criminal organization” that is allegedly financed by Morocco and Qatar, and his wife (like his daughter Silvia whose handover hearing is tomorrow) “seems be fully aware of the activities” of her husband and seems to “even participate in the transport of ‘gifts’, given to Morocco by AA, Ambassador of Morocco in Poland”, as stated in the mandate signed by judge Michel Claise. For the Brescian judges, the assumptions on which the provision is based do not hinder the transfer requested by the Brussels magistrates.

The European arrest warrant was executed last December 9 by the carabinieri in the home of the Panzeri family in Calusco d’Adda (Bergamo), where the subsequent search made it possible to find 17 thousand euros and valuable watches. The arrest, validated, had been converted into house arrest. Now in defense of the suspect, the lawyers Angelo De Riso and Nicola Colli, who had asked to reject the request or alternatively to leave her under house arrest, remain the appeal to the Cassation – to be written within five days – to block today’s decision and avoid that the 67-year-old be transferred to a prison in Belgium.

THE STATEMENTS OF THE WIFE – “She is unaware of her husband’s affairs, she has never taken holidays worth 100,000 euros”. It is in summary the content of the spontaneous declarations of Panzeri’s wife Maria Dolores Colleoni before the judges of the Brescia court of appeal as reported by her defense.

THE APPEAL IN CASSATION – The judges of the Brescia court of appeal “accepted the Belgian request with a long and reasoned sentence”. “We are evaluating the possibility of an appeal to the Cassation” said the lawyer Angelo De Riso at the end of the hearing in Brescia.