Quarrel ‘in chat’ Sgarbi-Morgan? “I never”, “Only Dadaism”

The undersecretary of culture and the artist with Adnkronos clarify the story that held the scene in the ‘Renaissance and dissolution’ chat

“A quarrel with Morgan? Impossible: I never quarrel with anyone…” Vittorio resorts to the paradox Ruderesponding with a sardonic smile to AdnKronos on the diatribe which saw them protagonists in a chat. “If there’s a controversy going on, I haven’t noticed it,” she adds. But then, she explains how things turned out. “I was going through a period where I was a bit heartbroken because on the horizon it seemed that I had to do the Minister of Culture and then they nominated Gennaro Sangiuliano, but I couldn’t let it show – says Sgarbi self-ironicly – Then a chat was born, which I still don’t even know exactly what it is and how it works, where there is also Morgan who I actually appointed as administrator. Every so often, I deign to write something that seems wise to me, such as ‘it’s sunny today’ or ‘it’s raining today’…”. In all of this, “a controversy developed when I attacked Politi editor of ‘Flash Art’ for what he wrote, he has attacked MorganMorgan responded by attacking him: a river of words and blood flows… Morgan deletes Politi from the chat, I put him back in because I don’t want to censor anyone, Morgan exits the chat with suffering and makes another parallel one, full of anger because he accuses me of not defending him. But I have nothing to do with it, I just push some keys on the chat every now and then…”. Speaking of the alleged quarrel in the chat, Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan with Adnkronos clarifies: “Not at all, no quarrel, it’s dadaism.I never have argued with Sgarbi who is recognized as a choleric and easily touchy man. I’m like him too and I can say with great pride that I’m the only one Sgarbi has never had a fight with”.

”Everything was born from monstrosity what Politi said – he says – we are doing everything to enhance art and he came out in chat saying that music is not an art form. For Politi only painting is an art form. It was therefore not possible to go ahead with the goal of valuing art if you find a person who says that music is not art. What Politi said is an indication of ignorance and narrow-mindedness which is the opposite of what we need. My goal is to enhance art, not to denigrate it or to go backwards – underlines Morgan – we want to evolve not involve. This is what prompted me to create a parallel chat called ‘Mystery of culture’. Sgarbi says I created one full of rage? There is no anger in my parallel chat, quite the contrary. Among other things, I also included Vittorio in the new chat”.

“The climate that was created in the chat ‘Rebirth and Dissolution’ with Politi it had become unsustainable – Morgan explains again – There were constants fights between him and Sgarbi who also involved me. I caught a lot of insults. My parallel chat looks like a library, the other one looks like a courtyard. I’ve done a lot of chats – he says – for me they are working groups. There is no opposition between my chat and ‘Renaissance and dissolution’ – the singer reiterates – I want a calm and uplifting atmosphere, that’s all. Vittorio and I are two men of art, of thought and entertainment at the same time because art is thought and entertainment – continues the singer – The real problem is that Italy is a tough nut to crack. It is difficult to be able to quickly and without obstacles realize what our goal is, that is to revive the cultural fortunes and start thinking in protective terms towards the artist and towards art, because we collide with a very old-fashioned mentality, problematic and atrophied. It has been too many years since art has been valued”, concludes Morgan.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto and Alisa Toaff)