Quarrel over bills, dies stabbed

It happened in the province of Pavia, a 46-year-old was arrested

Two tenants argue with the landlady about electricity and gas, the son intervenes and stabs one of the two, who dies a few hours later in hospital. It happened last night in Mortara, in the province of Pavia. The carabinieri intervened at 21.45, after reporting a dispute between a 46-year-old Italian and two Nigerians, aged 31 and 25, inside a farmhouse along the provincial road to Olevano.

Upon their arrival, the soldiers only found the 46-year-old, multiple offender, and his 67-year-old mother, who reported to the carabinieri that she had been verbally and physically attacked shortly before by the two Nigerians, who had shown up at her door in home, protesting vehemently that they did not have electricity and gas in the house. At that point the woman would have screamed to seek help from her son, who lives in the house next door. The man, who went to his mother’s rescue, had a violent scuffle with the two, injuring the 25-year-old with a knife.

After this episode, the two Nigerians would have left by bicycle in the direction of Mortara, but the wounded man collapsed to the ground near the gas station. Rescued by the ambulance that arrived on the spot, the young man died this morning in the Pavia hospital, due to the wounds received in the abdomen.

The 31-year-old compatriot immediately indicated to the military the son of the landlady as the perpetrator of the stabbing. This morning the carabinieri of the Radiomobile of Vigevano carried out an inspection of the farmhouse, in the presence of the 46-year-old, his lawyer and the prosecutor on duty, to carry out the technical findings, search for evidence and hear witnesses with whom to reconstruct the story.

During the inspection – the Carabinieri report in a note – some traces of blood were found and some offensive objects were seized, in addition to the telephone of the landlady’s son, for whom the magistrate on duty ordered the arrest of the suspect of crime. The man will be transferred to the Pavia prison.