Quartini (M5S): “Inadequate public services on youth problems, reform counseling”

“I presented bills on this issue, waiting lists in the public sector and prohibitive costs in the private sector”

“The first problem is how to deal with the growing psychological discomfort of young people in a situation of absolute inadequacy of public services. As first signatory, I signed a bill to redevelop family consultants so that they become the main gateway to the territory. Structures that can offer not only help for the termination of pregnancy but also to listen, educate and prevent on other issues such as the psychological discomfort of children. However, they must be staffed and function”. So Andrea Quartini, group leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Social Affairs Commission in the Chamberfor the Adnkronos Salute special dedicated to the psychological distress of young Italians.

“There is a problem of answers for families, the public is not successful and there are waiting lists for the first visits, while in the private sector the costs are prohibitive for those on low incomes – continues Quartini – The first question is: are we capable as a public service of setting up an important investment path in this area? There was a psychological bonus, but I think a structural intervention is needed. I am thinking of a local psychotherapist in the community houses provided for by the Pnrr”.