‘Queen – As it began’, the updated official biography arrives in Italy

Foreword by Brian May, with contributions from Roger Taylor

It comes out today ‘Queen – As It Began. The official biography ‘ with a preface by Brian May, co-written by Jacky Smith and Jim Jenkins. The book is already available in preorder in the major digital stores. The original edition of this illustrious and licensed Queen biography explored every aspect of the band’s legendary career from its inception until 1992. This book, recently revised and updated in collaboration with and with contributions from Brian May and Roger Taylor and drawing on interviews exclusive to the band members, completes the story of the Mercury era and the years immediately following his death. Featuring numerous extra photographs and a new preface by Brian May, ‘Queen – As It Began’: updated and licensed edition, it represents a detailed and authoritative portrait of the pivotal period in Queen’s history.

In 1970, when astronomy student Brian May and dentist apprentice Roger Taylor decided to rebuild their fledgling band Smile with a new singer known as Freddie Bulsara, they were paving the way to leave an indelible mark on the history of music. With the arrival of bassist John Deacon in 1971 – and a new stage name for Freddie Mercury – the classic lineup of Queen was complete. Four years later, for the first time topping the charts with the inimitable six-minute opera ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Queen confirmed their reputation as an extraordinarily ambitious and world-renowned band.

Retracing the journey of each member of the band, from childhood to early musical attempts, ‘Queen – As It Began’ tells exactly how the band was formed and how they came to sell out stadiums during international tours with their exceptional live entertainment. As Brian May explains in his preface, Jacky Smith and Jim Jenkins have witnessed the band’s internal dynamics for much of its existence, making them perfect storytellers. Packed with detail and featuring a host of new illustrations and photographs, ‘QUEEN – As It Began’ is a must read for all fans of the historic band.