Queen Elizabeth, King Charles would have phoned Harry and forbade him to do so

After Queen Elizabeth’s death, King Charles would have phoned Harry and forbade him to do so: ‘shock’ indiscretion, what happened.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth – which was followed by a totally unexpected message – it was her son Charles who took the reins of the throne of England. As happened to her about 70 years before her, the English sovereign also passed the baton to her eldest son.

Charles of England. Credits: Instagram

But what happened to the royal family when the news of the queen’s death spread? According to what is learned from The Sun, it would seem that Charles of England played the role of head of the family and called his youngest son, who in the meantime was in the company of his wife Megan.

The gesture made by Charles of England at the moment of his mother’s death is not at all ‘strange’. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth was the grandmother of Harry: it is only right, therefore, that the young man was warned of what had happened. What, on the other hand, is completely unusual, is the ‘prohibition’ that King Charles would have imposed on his son according to some rumors reported by The Sun. From what we read, in fact, it would seem that the eldest son of the sovereign made a ‘particular’ request to the young Duke of Sussex. What are we talking about? Very few will imagine it!

What happened between King Charles and Harry after the queen’s death: shock indiscretion

If the words have not gone unnoticed King Charles – at the time of his inauguration to the throne – he reserved for William, the new Prince of Wales and pretender to the throne, not even those destined to Harry they were. About his second son, according to what is learned from The Sun, it would seem that the young Duke of Sussex – shortly after the death of his grandmother Elizabeth – received a call from his father, who not only warned her of the event, but it categorically forbade him anything unimaginable.

Some voices very close to the London royal house have confided to The Sun everything that would happen to the ‘Royal Family’ in the moments following the death of the queen. We read, in fact, that King Charles phoned the young Harry and forbade him to go to Balmoral – the Scottish city where the sovereign resided for the summer – in the company of his wife Meghan. Nothing personal, of course. It would seem, in fact, that not even Kate Middleton, the new princess of Wales, has been called into question. “The number of participants had to be limited to immediate family members”, it is read.

The Queen’s Decision

A few days before his departure – as reported by Star and International Business TimeQueen Elizabeth would have made a ‘shock’ gesture towards Harry and Meghan, which caused a lot of discussion.

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Harry and Meghan. Credits: Instagram

Given the grief of the last few days, will Harry be able to finally reconcile with his family?