Queen Elizabeth, London Bridge operation: Scotland prepares ‘Unicorn’

The variant in case the death of the sovereign takes place in the castle of Balmoral

In the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland, the “Unicorn operation” would come into operation, a sort of variant of the London Bridge operation that has come to the fore in the last few hours. To underline this are several Scottish newspapers, while concern for the health of the sovereign is growing. When it comes to the sovereign, nothing is left to chance. So in addition to the London bridge operation, which will start at the time of the Queen’s death, a variant has been prepared for some time, the Unicorn operation, in the event that her death takes place in Scotland, where Elizabeth traditionally spends the summer, in Balmoral Castle.

The Unicorn operation provides for the immediate suspension of work in the Scottish Parliament, to allow the authorities to prepare for the state funeral. Parliament, the nearby Holyroodhouse building and St. Giles’ Cathedral will be at the center of the events, which will bring hundreds of thousands of people, between the public and the press, to Edinburgh. The funeral home will be at Holyroodhouse and the coffin will later be taken to the cathedral following the route of the ancient Royal mile in the heart of Edinburgh. Finally, the coffin of the sovereign will be transported to London on board the Royal train.