Queen Elizabeth told in a book by her photographer

For 20 years following the royal family between weddings, baptisms, public and private ceremonies, Chris Jackson signs ‘Elizabeth II, a queen for our time’

Chris Jackson, originally from the town of Monmmouth, on the border between Wales and England, has been the official photographer of the English royal family for over 20 years. Weddings, baptisms, public and private ceremonies, trips abroad. Always present, attentive, never intrusive, a step back in front of historical events and celebrations, because every time, he recently confessed in an interview with a French weekly, “you always have to work stealing minutes, in the shadows, diligent, very fast”. The great English photographer has signed the book ‘Elizabeth II, a queen for our time’ (Rizzoli editions) to be released in England.

“The photos dedicated to the royal family are a fabulous mix of realism, attention to ceremonial and etiquette. Each shot must however also be able to immortalize their secret humanity. It is what the public is looking for, it is what the public loves” .

During the interview with Point de Vue, Chris Jackson focused on his long friendship with the Duchess of Cornwall, wife of the heir to the throne. “For years I have portrayed the Duchess of Cornwall – he said again – Woman with a strong sense of humor, far-sighted. I accompanied her on her travels in the Amazon, in Japan, in Australia, in New Zealand. A bond has been created between of us, a friendship. And his photos, so natural, almost relaxed, prove it “.

Twenty years of honorable work within the ‘firm’, the ‘firm’ of the English royal family. “I enjoy photographing children – Chris Jackson continued in his memories – Sometimes I find myself smiling behind the camera lens. And I am moved, it has happened several times. It happened, for example, when I photographed the queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Edinburgh walking on a meadow of poppies, symbol of the fallen of the Great War, or the last shots of the kings, together, on the 73rd anniversary of their wedding, a few weeks before the Duke of Edinburgh left us “.

“An extraordinary man, Prince Philip – continued the author of ‘Elizabeth II, a queen four our time’ – I hope my photos can restore all that he represented, his dignity, his humor, his extraordinary energy, class and style with which he fulfilled all his commitments, love for his family “.