Quentin Tarantino will shoot an eight-episode series

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Great news for fans of Quentin Tarantino. The director was a guest of Elvis Mitchell in New York for the promotion of his latest book, Cinema Speculation. In Italy, the volume will be released only in 2023. During the presentation by Mitchell, Quentin Tarantino revealed that he is ready to go back to work for TV. A new eight-episode TV series is being planned but the director did not reveal further details. But this would not be the only novelty Tarantino would be working on, who hinted that there would also be other open fronts on which he is engaged.

The hypotheses on the table

Quentin Tarantino’s project wouldn’t be the first for television. In the past the director has worked on some episodes of CSI – Crime Scene Investigation and of ER – Doctors on the Front Line. The hypothesis of returning to work on these serial works, which in the past met with extraordinary success but had already been shelved for some time, has faded, and perhaps never been considered, a rumor is circulating according to which he could take over the project of a serial sequel to Once upon a time in… Hollywoodwhich could be called Bounty Law. However, these are only hypotheses without any certainty or foundation, which however draw their inspiration from the theatrical piece Once upon a time in… Hollywood by Tarantino himself, produced before the film and novel were completed. Logically, therefore, many have thought that the serial project could be based on this. There are still no confirmations in this sense and it will be necessary to wait a few weeks, not only to get information on the plot and the cast of the series, but also to know for sure if it will take place and with what timing. Everything, therefore, is on the high seas but the idea has already exalted Quentin Tarantino fans.

Quentin Tarantino’s farewell to the cinema

In the past months, Tarantino had already announced his farewell to cinema with his latest feature film, which will be the tenth. In one of the many meetings, the director also revealed which is his favorite film from those he made. “For years they’ve asked me things like this. I should say something like, ‘Oh, they’re all children’ But I really think that Once upon a time in… Hollywood is my best film,” Tarantino told Howard Stern. Another element that would confirm the hypothesis that the series can be based precisely on that story.