Quentin40, between past and future the mission is to Look Below

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Look Below is the new single from Quentin40 available on all major digital platforms from Friday 2nd September for Island Records / Universal Music Italia. The artist reveals piece by piece a renewed artistic imagination: delicate, intimate, genuine and at the same time scratched by the emotionality and timbre of his voice.

Look Below is a piece that reviews Quentin’s emotional world: reflections on past and present, on his relationship with himself and writing, with his own limits and goals, a sequence of images and thoughts captured by his gaze capable of combine the dreams of the past with the passion of the present.

To act as the concept for the video of the single, shot by Nicola Bussei for a production Cantera Srlthe theme of the flight which symbolically is linked to the artist’s experience, portraying him on a small airplane wrapped in the light of the sunset: “I am very excited because it is the first time that I feel I can materialize one of my dreams in some way. I studied to become a pilot, I’m not I managed to get to the end. Through this song I dusted off this dream in the drawer, I gave it a shape. The video is also very important for this, to bring Vittorio further out in my music and in his imagination “. The production is handled by Drillionaire.