Question and answer Codacons-Berti on ‘hidden advertising’

The singer: “I smile with a little bitterness”. Her staff: “ Media case for a single omission due to the reduced numerical capacity of Twitter’s characters ”

Question and answer between Codacons and Orietta Berti. The Association, through a note, replies to the staff of the singer who yesterday, with the Adnkronos, had replied to the Codacons that he accused her of doing ”advertising likely occult or indirect that is realized through the publication of a post on twitter, by the well-known singer and presenter Orietta Berti ”. The Codacons had also announced that, together with the Permanent Observatory for advertising set up by the Association, it sent an application to Agcm, Agcom, the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza to report the incident. ” We don’t understand the reason for this yet another attack against those who work – replied the Manager of the singer Pasquale Mammaro through Adnkronos – Orietta has a regular contract with Eurospin ”.

But the Codacons is not there and even today, through another widespread note, replies to the Berti staff: ” social network in which Orietta Berti herself exhibits the new ‘capsules’ of a well-known supermarket brand, showing them, emphasizing their quality and expressly declaring to recommend their purchase, but failing to use the words necessary to identify advertising practices, (Berti staff , ed) has inexplicably spoken of an ‘attack on those who work’ and a need for the Codacons to ‘get better informed’ ”.

” Evidently, in the Association’s report to Agcm, Agcom, the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza – reads the note – there is no trace of attacks against those who work, as confusedly attempted to argue: it is instead only of respecting the rules and regulations governing online advertising, to which Orietta Berti, like all professionals, is also subjected. And regarding the proposal to ‘get better information’, the Association returns it to the sender, with the advice of ‘get better informed’ in the field of online advertising: a subject in which, as confirmed by the reply received, unpreparation is unfortunately very widespread. Regarding the disputes raised by the Berti staff, it refers to a ‘regular contract’ with the company involved – writes the Codacons – we are sorry to point out, however, that, contrary to what is claimed, the existence of a regular contract between Berti and a company represents the very premise that it founds disclosure obligations specific to the professional. It is therefore not an element that ‘relieves’ the professional from the obligation to inform the public about the commercial nature of the collaboration: the exact opposite is true. Professionals, in fact, are always subject to an information obligation towards the consumer: must, in all circumstances, make him aware of the relationships with companies and companies, making him aware of their commercial nature. This obligation affects every advertising platform, including the web “.

”For so little I never dreamed of opening a media caseconsidering that only one of the three publications omitted the legal wording.
I smile, with a little bitterness
and I invite Codacons to follow me not only on Twitter but also on other channels’ ‘, Berti replies to Adnkronos, again responding to the Codacons’ accusations. ” Berti – clarifies her manager Pasquale Mammaro – who actually entered into a regular partnership with Eurospin and promoted the launch of a new line of clothing by Eurospin on its social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). The original video posted on Instagram, then resumed on Facebook – continues the manager – reported, in compliance with the regulationsall the terms that normally regulate advertisements (the hashtag Adv), mandatory for posts that require sponsorship by the client company. The same post was also relaunched on the official channel of Twitter, but in the raise, the reduced numerical capacity of characters available has involuntarily omitted the legal wording, consequently creating the case of ‘hidden advertising’ ”. In short, a lot of ado about nothing.

(by Alisa Toaff)