Quirinale 2022, key day today: third vote

New meetings and contacts between the leaders of the two coalitions waiting to find a solution

The third vote for the election of the President of the Republic after yesterday’s black smoke is scheduled for today at 11 am. At the end of the second day of voting for the Quirinale, the tape seems to rewind to 48 hours earlier. After Monday’s movement among the leaders with the involvement of Mario Draghi, the debate on Colle and the future of the government, the feeling is that everything has come back. To date, the premier’s name is weaker, almost out of the picture but ready to ‘rise again’. “Still everything is possible”.

After all, we have returned to the starting blocks. Berlusconi scheme of the past few weeks. This time there is the triplet of names advanced by the center-right, with the names of Marcello Pera, Letizia Moratti and Carlo Nordio. Pd-M5S-Leu reject and raise the need for a super partes name. With a new joint note. And it was not taken for granted. The day began with the ‘Frattini case’ which created an uproar among the great Pd voters. “What game is Conte playing?”, The refrain among the dem parliamentarians after reading the indiscretions on the name of Frattini made in the face to face between Matteo Salvini and Conte. Matteo Renzi also makes the bank with the Democratic Party, after having heard Letta, to stop the Frattini card.

The leader IV continues to move between the two poles and yesterday, when he was thinking about opposing a list of names to the center-right, he stopped: “The 5 names? The five is played bingo, not in Parliament”, Renzi said while in the Pd and Leu doubts were growing about the opportunity to follow the center-right on the opposing list. A dialectic on the tactics to be followed that was proposed again in the meeting, postponed in the course of the afternoon. “It was a more complex meeting than other times, what matters is that we came out with a united line”, he points out. “We made the 5 Stars think …”.

Hence, the relaunch in the field of the center-right. “Let’s see if they say yes to the meeting.” Confidence is at its lowest in the evening. There is a strong rumor that Salvini “wants to go all the way, the Giorgettians also tell us, and that he wants to go to Casellati on the fourth vote. Then he wants to blow everything up”, observed among the Pd parliamentarians.

The 5 Stars, according to parliamentary sources, would have ensured that “they don’t go to Casellati”. And if the president of the Senate should instead have the necessary votes, for the dem at that point the end of the majority would be taken for granted. In the evening the doubts are many. Today we will go to the third vote in which Pd, M5S and Leu have decided to continue with the blank ballot.

The joint note reads: “We take note of the triad formulated by the CDX which appears to be a step forward, useful for dialogue. While respecting the legitimate choices of the center-right, we do not believe that the broad sharing in this necessary moment can develop on those names“. So” the desire to reach a shared solution on a super partes name is confirmed and for this reason we are not opposing our own list of names “. With the request for a meeting with the center-right:” Tomorrow (today, ed) we propose a meeting between two small delegations in which we will bring our proposals “.

He says Enrico Letta at the end of the summit: “Let’s finish with the tactics and find a solution on a shared name super partes and without forcing. As Roberto Speranza said, we did not want the war of the two roses. We wanted to show that we have the good will to find a shared solution. Since we do not have the majority, they do not have the majority, so we need to find a shared, super partes, institutional solution, as we have always said “.

“Our proposal is, let’s lock ourselves in a room and throw away the key until we find a solution.” And the space to do so is that of today. With his long afternoon and evening free from voting before the start of the fourth, tomorrow. “Tomorrow (today, editor’s note) is the key day – underlines Letta – Thursday we arrive at the vote with the quorum at 51%”.

What will be the names that Pd, M5S and Leu will bring to the table with the center-right? During the meeting yesterday it would have been discussed. What is clear is that it remains there strong perplexity of Giuseppe Conte about Draghi.

M5S FIBRILLATIONS – There are even those who speak of a split, even if the answer from the top is clear: “It doesn’t exist!”. The fact is that the Quirinale match is creating a lot of fibrillation within the M5S. With the former premier Giuseppe Conte pulling straight no to Mario Draghi at Colle: “The helmsman does not abandon the ship in the middle of a storm, he must remain at Palazzo Chigi”, the message he delivers to the media and his followers. Including those who, in the Movement, strongly urge not to foreclose on any way, especially on the current Prime Minister. First of all Luigi Di Maio, who fears an isolated M5S, who at the end of the games remains with the match in his hand.

On Monday between the two, as reported by Adnkronos, there was a close and frank confrontation in the control room called late in the evening, a ‘back and forth’ that monopolized part of the meeting. And in which the former premier did not fail to underline how difficult it would be for the M5S to enter a new government, because if Draghi really went up to the Hill then the reason that justified, even in the eyes of the pentastellated voters, the birth of the government of national unity. The underlying message, but not too much, is that the M5S could slip off. Going to the opposition, or at the most guaranteeing external support for responsibility, trying to recover that part of the electorate disappointed by the Governist Movement. And bringing Alessandro Di Battista back to the team, who continues to thunder against Draghi from the outside, and with whom Conte has never broken off relations.

On a completely different line, Di Maio, who on Monday during the control room underlined with conviction that vetoing Draghi would be a mistake, because the risk is that the Movement will come out isolated, with broken bones. If Draghi remains at Palazzo Chigi, Di Maio would also recall, I will remain in my place, at the Foreign Ministry. No friction, it is assured, but a close political confrontation. Where, however, it is difficult to find a meeting point, because everyone, according to different present, would be convinced of their own reasons. Conte firm on the will not to yield: “Draghi at the Quirinale does not want it, I have rarely seen him so convinced …”, explains a present.

And in the meantime, the former prime minister is looking for a solution: the confrontation on the progressive front goes on to find a name that everyone can agree on. And that, for the pentastellato leader, must be different from that of Draghi, a sine qua non condition for continuing to think together. In Transatlantico there are rumors of an M5S ready to converge with the center-right on the name of the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, because this would be the hole card of the center-right.

All afternoon in the Chamber rumors circulate of a strong scouting by Matteo Salvini to find votes of individual M5S parliamentarians in the Quirinale match. Several 5-star elected officials tell Adnkronos that they have been ‘probed’ by members of the League, who in these hours have intensified contacts with the peons of the Movement. After all, Salvini himself, yesterday, would have urged his people to get busy in public relations with the exponents of the other parties, across the board. “They would like to split us internally and isolate us from the Democratic Party, it would be madness”, says a pentastellato.

The progressive front, meanwhile, in the meeting between the leaders renounces the triad of names to be presented to avoid the ‘wall to wall’ with the center-right. But think about important names, that of the former minister Paola Severino could be the right one. However, the name of Sergio Mattarella also grows in the pentastellate rows. At the end of the second ballot, the outgoing Head of State obtained 39 preferences (yesterday there were 16). “Many of those votes are ours”, argues with Adnkronos, with closed notebooks, a senator of the M5S, even going so far as to quantify the Grillini votes for Mattarella at about thirty: “And tomorrow”, adds the same source, “they will certainly be Moreover”.

CENTER RIGHT – From the “six or seven names” for the Colle that Matteo Salvini had spoken of in the past few hours (increasingly lowered into the role of center-right kingmaker) there are three left. Between the end of the summit of the leaders at 15 and the subsequent unitary press conference, we move on to the Moratti-Nordio-Pera triad, further dried up by two other names that had ended up in the spotlight after lunch: those of the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and of the number two of Fi, Antonio Tajani, now given in the account. But something changes at the last moment. And when Salvini appears in the Auletta of the Montecitorio parliamentary groups and announces the squad, there are neither Casellati nor Tajani. “No to institutional positions in the field, they must be preserved, and no to party leaders”, the number one in via Bellerio told the microphones to justify the exclusion of the two big names.

Words that almost sound like an excusatio non petita. The leader of the League is keen to publicly thank Tajani for his “generosity, given the many titles he could boast” to aspire to the Colle. Giorgia Meloni also honors the former president of the EU Parliament: ” Tajani has a phantasmagoric curriculum but we have chosen not to include it in the list of names because he is the coordinator of a party, we did not want it to be said that our proposals were made for do not approach … “. In extremis, therefore, Casellati and Tajani thus seem to end up in the shadows, but – assure well-informed sources of the alliance – it is a passage that does not mean that those names are burned. it was decided to safeguard them and then, perhaps, to use them later on for a possible extra-time. But even no. The ball is thrown back into the field of the center-left waiting for their next moves, then we’ll see.

Today, in the meantime, before the third vote in the House for the Hill, the center-right should return to meet to evaluate the strategy to be held in the Chamber. In the summit, the leaders will have to decide whether to vote for a name of their triad already in the third ballot, we are talking about Carlo Nordio, first of all to verify the strength of the coalition. Once the former magistrate has been indicated, it will be evaluated from the fourth vote onwards, when the quorum is lowered, whether to converge on Casellati.

After the no from Pd-M5S-Leu to the squad proposed by the center-right, Lega sources report: “Unlike those who change their minds after a few hours, the League continues to work with contacts across the board. We remain convinced of the absolute depth of the candidacies presented for the Quirinale, and the difference between us and those who repeatedly say No and veto is evident ”.