Quirinale, Al Bano: “ As a grandfather cheering for great-grandfather Silvio ”

The singer at Adnkronos: ” Draghi remains Premier for the good of the country ”

Draghi deserves more than what he has but for the needs of the country he should not abandon what he is f
acendo and I hope it stays in Palazzo Chigi. At the Quirinale I would see my great-grandfather Silvio Berlusconi more ”. Thus Al Bano all’Adnkronos on the race to the Colle. ” Berlusconi it has given work to many people and has done very important things for our country also at an international level, I don’t see other people on his level, ” he says Al Bano, who remembers how the Knight “took the hand of Putin and Bush
and put them together: it was a fantastic gesture. He is a man of peace and in a period like this it is good that at the Colle there is a man of peace ”, concludes the singer.

(by Alisa Toaff)