Quirinale, Berlusconi collects EPP endorsement

For Weber “he has always defended the EU against populists”

“He is the leader of our strongest party in Italy and, bearing in mind that he has always been clear in his pro-European approach, bringing some populist movements back to a” pro Europe, I think that his possible candidacy for the Quirinale “is a very reasonable consideration … ” Expected tomorrow in Strasbourg to participate in the ‘plenary’, Silvio Berlusconi collects the endorsement of the EPP for the Colle. It is the president of the Popolari group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, who launches the former Italian premier in the quirinal race: ” He has always been a politician in favor of Europe, he knows that the future of Italy lies in the future of Europe “.

Weber is convinced that the Cav has all the credentials: “ Even in difficult times in Italy, when it had many populist movements around, and many politicians in Italy used Brussels and Europe to blame them for Italy’s problems , has always been clearly pro-European. “On Wednesday 24 the Italian leader, in the role of MEP, does not want to miss the meeting of the Popular Europeans group to be held on the sidelines of the Assembly’s work and will have the choice of the his candidate for the ‘after Sassoli’, or rather the election of the new president of the EU Parliament.

Also on the 24th, Berlusconi is planning a dinner with all the Azzurri MEPs led by Antonio Tajani to take stock of the situation. Arcore welcomed Weber’s words with satisfaction, another piece of the very complicated quirinal puzzle that sees the Cav among the eligible candidates for the post-Mattarella in the name of the center-right.

At least in words, Matteo Salvini has so far assured that Berlusconi’s name is on the table. Fdi also considers him a winning candidate, but fears messes with the left, so much so that Giorgia Meloni in recent days has interpreted Fi’s yes to the government pact proposed by Enrico Letta as a possible ‘step backwards’ by Berlusconi.

Hence the invitation-warning of the former Minister of Youth to the allies to ” remain united until the end ” on the Colle game, because ” we do not have the numbers alone, we must seek convergence and the more the figures are deployed and more on paper it can be difficult … ”.

The former DC, now deputy Fi, Gianfranco Rotondi, appreciates Weber’s support and considers Meloni’s words as an opening to be grasped: ” I very much appreciated the words of Weber and the opposition leader Meloni on Berlusconi’s candidacy for the Quirinale. These two important voices confirm that his candidacy is certainly biased, but he is the most authoritative in the field ”.