Quirinale, Berlusconi in Rome to ‘start’ his Colle game

The Cav has brought together the staff of Forza Italia and continues to check the ‘numbers’ in Parliament. Still no date for the center-right summit

Silvio Berlusconi has arrived in Rome to understand the moods of the building up close and better smell the air that pulls on one of his candidacies for the Colle. Those who have had the opportunity to hear him in these days assure that they have found him very determined, convinced that he can play his cards from the fourth vote onwards (he will ask his people to vote blank ballots for the first three). The Cav, which last night, in Villa Grande, gathered the staff of Forza Italia, does not detach itself from the abacus and continues to check the ‘numbers’ in Parliament. “Berlusconi has not yet decided what to do and sees what happens”, assures those who have had the opportunity to hear him in these hours.

Berlusconi is always on the phone, taking notes, doing a thousand calculations. And he also listens to the doubts and perplexities about his descent into the quirinalizia field expressed by some of the blue inner circle, such as Gianni Letta. Arriving in his residence on the Appia Antica in the late afternoon, the president of Forza Italia took stock of the political situation with Antonio Tajani and the group leaders Annamaria Bernini and Paolo Barelli. Should he hold more meetings, the 360-degree scouting will certainly continue in search of potential ‘big voters’, what has been dubbed the squirrel operation.

As for the center-right summit, the first of the new year, there is still no date: at first it was thought to keep it after the Dem direction, but since it has been postponed to Saturday, this would mean postponing everything to next week. It is not known whether there will be a postponement, Berlusconi could also decide to accelerate and anticipate everything or to have separate meetings.