Quirinale, Berlusconi keeps Salvini-Meloni on the rope

An expected confrontation between Cav and Fi ministers: “If everyone guarantees their votes, at the end extra consensus arrives ..”

The Mattarella bis remains his first choice, convinced that Mario Draghi should not move from Palazzo Chigi. Silvio Berlusconi yesterday gathered the staff of Forza Italia in Arcore. A meeting-river, also present Fedele Confalonieri, confirming the delicacy of the moment. With in the foreground, of course, the election of the new head of state and the crux of his candidacy. As the political situation is evolving, everything points to a ‘step back’ for Cav, but those who attended the meeting at Villa San Martino, described as a real war room, ensure that the former premier has not yet completely abandoned the idea of ​​attempting a blitz in the classroom to try to climb the Colle. Besieged by the allies, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, who have obtained the convocation for today of a summit to have a yes or a no before the presidential votes in Parliament begin, the former premier would have reiterated that with the support of the entire center-right there would be the conditions to win it in the fourth vote. According to the president of Fi, at the end of the fair about fifty ‘extra’ votes would come out, not only among the five stars, increasingly divided within them, but also on the left. However, it is necessary to understand what the allies think of it and to discuss this belief.

If everyone in the center-right guarantees his votes, in the end there are the extra votes to reach an absolute majority and I win the game, that would have been Berlusconi’s reasoning. “Tomorrow (today, ed), Berlusconi will most likely dissolve the reserve”, assures Paolo Barelli, group leader in the Chamber of Fi, outside Villa San Martino in the evening. An announcement that ‘unlocks’ the center-right, pulling it out of the impasse of these days, reserving another 24 hours of reflection for the Cav. Reached on the phone by Adnkronos Barelli suggests that the blue leader still believes in it: ” Does Berlusconi have the ‘numbers’? The president has not decided, but if he decides to go ahead, if he plays it, and how … “.

According to some boatos, the president of Forza Italia would have liked to see the allies and dissolve the reserve on Monday morning, but the pressing of the Lega and Fdi had become increasingly insistent: hence the acceleration on the summit, set for tomorrow, but in the dark, without a ‘location’ and a time. The Cav may not come to Rome and remotely connect with Salvini, Meloni and the other ‘centrist’ parties of the coalition (from the UDC to Coraggio Italia). Before the summit, according to what we learn, Berlusconi should confront via Zoom with the blue ministers and undersecretaries and the party leaders. (By Giorgia Sodaro)