Quirinale, Ceccanti: “Tifo Mattarella bis, but Zanda’s bill has nothing to do with Colle”

For the group leader Pd in ​​Constitutional Affairs in the Chamber “there are no alternatives” to the current scheme with Draghi in Chigi. “Letta is right: if the majority splits, the government will skip”

“This bill makes sense regardless.” Stefano Ceccanti, constitutionalist and leader of the Pd Group in Constitutional Affairs in the Chamber, speaks of the Zanda-Parrini bill filed today in the Senate. And that “regardless” is understood with respect to the Quirinale match that is about to open. “We do not rule out presenting a similar proposal here in the Chamber as well, we are evaluating”, he explains to Adnkronos. The proposal, a constitutional bill, establishes that there is only one mandate for the Colle and abolishes the white semester. President Mattarella has spoken several times about a reform in this sense. “There is no connection with the encore – says Ceccanti -. Having said that, I think it would be the best solution”.

Is it your position or that of the Democratic Party? “The Democratic Party has not yet entered into this discussion. Personally, in the balance that we have established for several months with Draghi at Palazzo Chigi and Mattarella at the Quirinale, I see no alternative to confirming the two in the role they have. But I think this is true. apart from the “Zanda-Parrini.

Do you expect a more ‘explicit’ position from the Democratic Party and the secretary Letta? “Letta is the secretary, he has different responsibilities, I express a personal opinion. We have given ourselves a schedule regarding the implementation of the NRP and then there is the role of the President of the Council within the European Council. A Council in which the next week the German Chancellor changes and we will have a Chancellor who has never been to the meetings of the European Council, in which President Macron is in the electoral campaign for the month of April … in my opinion the presence of Mario Draghi at the European Council is more how useful. And the President of the Council goes to the European Council, not the President of the Republic “.

for now, no other candidates who hold a united majority – Berlusconi? wrong scheme, skip everything

Are there any alternative candidacies to President Mattarella to keep the overall political framework in order? “At the moment there aren’t any, then if they show up it’s okay, but any candidacy that divides the parliamentary majority – Secretary Letta explained this well – would have the side effect of creating problems for the government majority. Unless other unifying candidates come out, one would say that the most reasonable thing is to confirm President Mattarella “.

But the president does not seem willing to give an encore … “If this is the goal, I think it is possible, if there is an agreement between the political forces, to convince President Mattarella as it was with President Napolitano. But this is not the case. ‘enters with the Zanda proposal “. Do you think the Democratic Party should have an initiative on a unifying name? “The names are made at the last minute but the thing that Secretary Letta said yesterday – and that is that we need a name shared by all the majority and possibly also by the opposition – is the guiding criterion that must inspire us”.

“I have my own conviction, I doubt that a more convincing name can be found than that of President Mattarella … Meanwhile, all groups should abandon the meandering temptations of electing a President of the Republic with a narrow majority of their own political area against the others. “. Do you think of Silvio Berlusconi? “It would be an alternative scheme and it would be wrong. With a government of national unity, if this government is to go ahead, everyone has to vote for the president.”

Why are you reading now? Doing it after the Quirinale would seem against the new president

On the merits of the proposal, why establish a single mandate for the head of state and the abolition of the white semester? “We are in a particular situation” with such a large majority “but under normal conditions having the blank semester in which it cannot be dissolved, so in fact the government cannot fall, it can often lead to a situation of immobility because various political forces can being irresponsible and blocking anything by not paying the price because there is no deterrent of dissolution “.

“So the white semester can be in some situations other than this, where the majority is very large, something problematic. And therefore the idea of ​​suppressing it is not bad and since from the beginning this thing was linked to the idea of a president who could use the powers of dissolution in the last period to be confirmed by the newly elected parliament, is a traditional idea that was re-launched by president Mattarella but that had been launched before, since the early sixties with president Segni. It is a proposal that deserved to be put on the agenda “.

But why put it on the agenda right now? “Because it is right that you get on the agenda before you know who the new president is, otherwise it might seem like an initiative aimed against the newly elected. Otherwise what would be the journalistic translation? they like and want to prevent his re-election. Instead this happens under the veil of ignorance about who will be the next president “.