Quirinale, center-right split after Mattarella bis. Meloni: “It’s no longer there, it needs to be rebuilt”

The leader of the Brothers of Italy is disappointed by the re-election at Colle del Capo dello Stato and by the behavior of the coalition. “At the moment we are not allies,” she says referring to Lega and Forza Italia. “They traded the election for seven years’ salary,” she attacks her. She also lasts with Salvini: “I found out from the agencies that she would have voted for an encore. We haven’t heard from each other, there isn’t much to clarify “. Tajani (FI) replies: “It is normal for the tones to rise, but we will be able to make peace”

The day after the re-election of Sergio Mattarella as Head of State, the parties settle the accounts. (LIVE). If there is an alliance in crisis, it is that of the center-right, and this is declared by the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. “Today the center-right as we have seen it is no more”, are the words of her, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, disappointed by the re-election of Sergio Mattarella at Colle and by the behavior of the allies. “It needs to be rebuilt. I do not forget that millions of voters in the nation ask for it. I start with my party, I perceive the loneliness of so many people who did not understand, who did not want it to end like this “. For Meloni it was a “huge wasted opportunity” for the center-right to be able to elect an area figure. “We had the numbers, as a relative majority, at least to give the cards. But many in the coalition did not want it”, reconstructs the leader. The reference is in particular to the wrong game on Casellati. “We were the ones who hurt ourselves”, admits Meloni. “Even if in that case FdI voted compact and the Lega also voted well. Somehow the opponents were right who said that on paper we were the majority, but not in the vote on the president “(MATTARELLA’S SPEECH – REACTIONS FROM THE POLITICAL WORLD).

Melons: “Salvini? I didn’t understand, I don’t think there is much to clarify “

Meloni did not expect the turning point of the League secretary Matteo Salvini on the Mattarella bis. “No, I didn’t understand, I find it incomprehensible. I found out from the agencies that Mattarella would have voted. The only hypothesis to which all the center-right leaders had said no with apparent conviction. And it is the second time that I have learned from the agencies of choices on which we seemed to agree and then totally disregarded: first the entry of Fi and Lega into the Draghi government and now this “. The two leaders have not yet heard: “No, on the other hand I don’t think there is much to clarify”, he closed the topic.

Meloni: “At the moment we are not allies of Lega and Fi”

Brothers of Italy, Lega and Forza Italia are not allies: “At this moment, no. It seems to me that they preferred the alliance with the center-left, both for Draghi and for Mattarella ”, he declared. “If a third clue is missing to make a test, that is the electoral law: there are those who will try to change it proportionally. If they stay there, there will be little to add, because with the proportional system the swamp of the last governments is reproduced ”. According to Meloni, the center-right did not want to try the Quirinale match “for fear. Not only of the center-right parties, but of many in Parliament. They traded seven years as President of the Republic for seven months of legislature, or if you want a salary ”.

Meloni: “We conservatives but not armchairs”

Meloni, referring to his party, explains that “we are not only right-wingers, we are conservatives, and not armchairs, like others … FdI has already widened its field of action. And the ‘centrists’ are not a separate thing. In all great democracies there is a conservative and a progressive party, in which there are exponents who go from one end of the line to the other. What does not exist in other countries is a transforming ‘center’, which can be formed with proportional, unscrupulous and ready to be anywhere where it is governed. This cannot be in the new center-right that we will rebuild ”. As for the government in many regions and cities of the center-right, the FdI exponent recalls that “the dynamics are different in the area, they are models that work. We will see in the next few hours what happens, but we will rebuild what has broken today, in a better way. It is a promise, and I am one who, as we have seen, keeps her word ”.

Tajani (Forza Italia): “We will know how to make peace”

The deputy of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani also enters the discussion on the crisis of the center-right. “These are days in which the tones rise, but then you will see that things come together”, he declares in an interview with The print. “It is obvious that there are different positions”, says the blue, pointing out that the Brothers of Italy is also outside the government. “On the day of big events there are always bright tones, but we will meet again”, he assures us. There was also a break with the Lega which at one point supported the candidacy of Belloni or Cartabia: “When Salvini proposed to them, we communicated to the secretary of the League that we would negotiate on our own”. The coalition needs to be reviewed. “There will be a common path that will allow us to make the center-right stronger and more attractive to the center, based on European values”, explains the coordinator of Forza Italia. “The pro-European and popular soul must be the protagonist”, he adds. In the race for the Colle, Tajani reveals that “Berlusconi is back central”. To break the deadlock “it was a phone call from Enrico Letta to Berlusconi”, he explains. The president of Forza Italia, “if there hadn’t been obstructive attitudes on the part of the left, he would have won as well”, argues Tajani. denies a possible centrist operation with Italia Viva. “We are the center, but always in the center-right. There are no different paths, “he says.