Quirinale, Conte: “Berlusconi? It’s not the name M5S”

“We work within the political system to eliminate its distortions”

Silvio Berlusconi President of the Republic? “I have said many times that is not the name of the M5S with all due respect for the leader of Forza Italia”. So Giuseppe Conte to Di Martedì on La7 onhypothesis of the Cavaliere al Quirinale.

“It is clear that the 5 Star Movement as a relative majority force will inevitably be the protagonist in the” del Colle “game,” I actually have the identikit already drawn when I say that it must have a high moral and representative profile as widely as possible of the line-up of constitutional strength that are in Parliament. We start with this objective and then we will have to measure ourselves with the concrete personality “. “If we have our own candidate? Now it is premature, now we will approve the budget law and then we will confront all the leaders”. A woman? “This is not the issue now, we will talk about it after the budget law”. Could it be Draghi? “Draghi has the characteristics but we are talking about the current Prime Minister’s commitment to a complex government action”.

“We are approaching the Quirinale match in the confrontation that will be continuous with all M5S parliamentarians”, he added.

Speaking of the 5 Star Movement, “he must return to the territories to talk about the battles, now in Parliament we are doing the one against the lobbies and then there is the one on the minimum wage, there are many battles. We are not in a very easy situation: we are working within the political system to eliminate the distortions of the political system. So we are attacked by the establishment from within and perhaps at this moment we need to dialogue more with the outside, “said Conte. “We have a Charter of principles and values, we have all the credentials to boast an ecological culture and our battles are all consequent”, he affirmed again underlining: “And then, who is pursuing social equity? the citizenship income from the attacks of all “. “We want to work within the system by holding up the flag of legality. Durigon went home thanks to us too,” he recalled.


“This government was created for objectives that must be achieved: to protect the country, to implement the PNRR and there is also the game we are playing in Europe where the Stability Pact needs to be reviewed. So to say that the task of this government is finished here, it is absolutely improvised “.

Online voting

Abstention on online voting? “The turnout numbers are in line with ordinary voting even in the recent past, there has been a boom in attendance at particular times”.


“We have never participated in subdivisions”, said Conte. “I would like to clarify that the problem is not that we did not participate in this sharing, let’s call it that. Faced with the request to explain the criterion that led to all these appointments, an editorial project, a criterion of merit and method has not been developed. “, he added. Filed diktat not to go to Rai? “I’m here, it’s not Rai as they used to say …”.