Quirinale, Draghi on the field: “Government ahead regardless of who is there”

“Executive has done much of what it was called to do, my grandfather at the service of the institutions”

Dribble but not too much. In the end, the question of the questions – that of the quirinal game, which has now reached a step away from the starting whistle – ends up ‘cannibalizing’ much of the traditional end-of-year conference. With lots of ‘siparietti’ with reporters, interested above all in probing the future of Mario Draghi and the Colle hypothesis. “The questions about my future? It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I have no answers. The important thing is to live in the present. This government has worked on the present, without wondering what’s in the future”, replies the prime minister to one of the many questions on the subject.

But in the end Draghi opens more than a glimmer, remembering that he is a man, or even better a grandfather, at the service of institutions. If last February 3 he responded to Sergio Mattarella’s ‘call’ to one of the most complex challenges to face – leading the country to grapple with a pandemic that has brought the whole world to its knees – Draghi could reply ‘present’ to Parliament too, if anything. the Chambers should offer him the possibility of succeeding the Head of State. Meanwhile, the ‘bulk’ of the work, in his opinion, has been done: “This executive has done much of what it was called to do. The support of the political forces was fundamental. My personal destinies count for absolutely nothing. I have no particular aspirations of one kind or another, I am a man, if you want a grandfather, at the service of institutions“.

“We have achieved three great results. We have made Italy one of the most vaccinated countries in the world – the Prime Minister rattles off – we delivered the NRRR in time and reached the 51 objectives; we created the conditions for continuing work on the PNRR”. But it says more, Draghi. “The government has created these conditions regardless of who will be there: the important thing is that the government is supported by a majority like the one that supported this government, and it is as wide as possible. “The point of no return is its disintegration: it must remain compact, also and above all in the face of a of the most difficult challenges, that of the Colle, which has always been a battlefield and fertile ground for snipers.

Faced with the risk that the loss of his leadership of the government plunges the country into financial instability, “if it is true that the spread is higher now than when I arrived – replies Draghi – it means that I am not a shield, so the there is no problem. I repeat – says the prime minister to a reporter who highlights how, if he were elected to the Quirinale, the barrier represented by the authority of the former president of the ECB would disappear for Italy – it is not individuals who represent the strength of Italy but what the country did, how it reacted also on a psychological level. If we continue to grow, the concern for the spread is lower, the markets look to growth first of all, that is the credibility barometer of the Countries and ours in particular “.

“Completely in agreement” on a quick and cohesive election of the next President of the Republic, Draghi drops the question of Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy for the Colle. In the meantime, however, among the forces that support his government, the first concerns are starting to rebound: the fear is that the absence of Draghi would earthquake the government. Or that, at best, it would turn the executive’s action into ‘let’s get by’.

A few minutes after the end of the year-end conference – which lasted half an hour longer than expected due to the benevolent concession of the premier – “concerns about possible changes that could create instability” leaked from the League. And also from the leaders of the M5S they remark that there is “still a lot of work to do”, underlining the need to give “continuity to government action, so as not to leave citizens and institutions in conditions of ‘vacatio’, without a government, which would lead to serious problems for everyone “. Sources of the Nazarene remark that the legislature must continue to the end. “The next fireplaces among the political forces – jokes a minister with Adnkronos asking for secrecy – will be on who goes to P. Chigi, because on the Quirinale the die is now cast. Draghi will make it on the first lap, in the meantime I look inside I go around and update my curriculum … “.