Quirinale, Father Spadaro: “We need a humble person like Mattarella who does not impose himself”

The director of Civiltà Cattolica: “Berlusconi al Colle? We need a figure who has confidence in everyone”

Tomorrow, at 9.30, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will be received in the Vatican by the Pope for his farewell visit at the end of the seven-year term. And after what happens at the Colle? Wouldn’t the time be ripe for a female President of the Republic? “The important thing – Father Antonio Spadaro, director of Civiltà Cattolica and fine observer of political dynamics, begins in an interview with Adnkronos – is to give unity to the country. The question in my view is not whether there will be a man after Mattarella or a woman: the unity of the country counts. Certainly Mattarella has been able to keep the country together, therefore he has been able to be above the parties allowing the parties to dialogue with each other, with a government of national unity “.

Father Spadaro outlines an identikit for the post-Mattarella: “What we need is a point of unity, a high-level figure capable of being humble like that of Mattarella, with a low profile, who does not want to impose himself but who both at the service of the nation “.

Impossible a Mattarella bis? “He will listen to the voice that comes from the country. Mattarella – observes the Pope’s Jesuit spin doctor – believes in the value of institutions that are expressed in terms of timing, choices, availability. What the requests from the political base will be, we will certainly see what it seems nice to me it is to see how Mattarella’s popularity is very high even keeping him a very low profile. On several occasions he has received real ovations but I also understand his desire not to continue “.

Giorgia Meloni spoke of the need for a patriot at Colle, saying that Berlusconi is one, Draghi will be seen. How would Berlusconi al Colle see him? “I believe – says Father Antonio Spadaro, eventually resorting to diplomacy that leaves no room for doubt – that there is a need for a very shared figure. The government we have is the only solution at the moment: it must also be a reference on the choice of the candidate who will represent the presidency of the Republic. Beyond everything, whoever goes to Colle must have everyone’s trust “.