Quirinale, for the Italians the ‘home’ of Draghi is at Colle

The polls see the prime minister on pole for the succession to Mattarella. Piepoli: “Clear intentions for the village”

On the highest hill, the Italians would like the best. Mario Draghi, since he took his place at the center of Italian politics, he immediately seemed the predestined to succeed Sergio Mattarella. Polls and the country’s belly agreed on his name as the next head of state. Until a few days ago, a Quorum / YouTrend research gave Draghi widely at the top among the personalities who could fill this role. For 17% of Italians, the best name for the Colle would be that of the current prime minister, followed by Silvio Berlusconi 10% and by two women, Emma Bonino And Marta Cartabia, respectively 8% and 5%. And since the last few months the passage of the former ECB number one to the Quirinale seemed to be taken for granted. But the tail blow of the pandemic, political uncertainty, are shuffling the cards a little today, with public opinion wondering whether it is more convenient to have such an esteemed figure (even in the EU) still at the head of the government. Reflection is more open than ever.

He has no doubts Nicola Piepoli: on Draghi al Colle “the intentions of the Italians seem clear”, is the summary of the pollster, president of the survey institute that takes his name. “Yes, the Italians want him at the Quirinale, about a third of our compatriots want him there, he is the most popular, the others are missing, there are no competitors, the only real competitor would be Mattarella”. “Certainly they would applaud him at Colle – explains Piepoli to Adnkronos -. Our society is a sick society, the doctor agrees, even if it is an annoying therapy, in order not to go mad with fear”. “But the current atmosphere is favorable to power, to those who guide us today, we are able to make us endure the unbearable, as Hiroito said in ’45”. Returning to Draghi and Mattarella, Piepoli recalls that they are at very high percentages of consensus: “Over sixty percent both, really important numbers”.

Ghisleri, ‘the most protected Colle Draghi’ – Mannheimer, ‘Italians trust’

The pollster Alessandra Ghisleri, at the head of Euromedia research thinks this: “Today 60% of Italians would like Mario Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi, because they recognize him as authoritative, they see him as the guarantor of the national debt, they appreciate his international relations, he is the one who brings forward the PNRR, “he tells AdnKronos. But there is one thing: “It should also be borne in mind – the expert on electoral flows and voting forecasts continues – that this government has a natural expiry date, that of the legislature, which covers another year” while “if you wanted to to make a reflection also linked to the protection of Draghi “to the heritage he represents and” to the desire to preserve his field of action, then the landing at the Colle would give, in this sense, greater guarantees “. “It would be a question of making a long-term speech, which also looks at the next deadlines, has a broader scope”, is the invitation of Ghisleri.

He also intervened from the field of pollsters Renato Mannheimer: “The Italians – he underlines with AdnKronos – are worried by the fact that if Draghi went to be president of the Republic it would no longer be he, whom they trust, to spend the money that comes from Europe”. “The Italians – he explains – make a very concrete speech, then it will certainly be Draghi who will have to decide what he wants to do …”. “Our compatriots have an enormous esteem – underlines the expert – of the former head of the ECB, and above all they have more esteem for him than for the government itself, that is, he has a very high popularity index, between 50 and 60 per one hundred, “he recalls. In the country now “the belief seems to prevail that Draghi will be more useful if he remains at the helm of the government”.