Quirinale: Italy meritocracy, ‘the people deserve an election worthy of the president’

“The procedure followed for the election of the Head of State is perplexing, at times stunned. The time that has elapsed has not facilitated the common interest and we sadly witness the passing of the votes with nothing. What saddens is the non-consideration real of the country’s need, maintaining an expensive organizational machine to attend null ballots or the scrutiny of suggestive names. Almost a way to ridicule a solemn moment. And it is fair to ask why the People are always mentioned but not protected. Why did the political leaders who govern together not have the courage to arrive with a shared name on a widely scheduled appointment? ” Thus in a note Meritocrazia Italia.

“The funnel was created between the holding of the Government and the identification of a guarantee figure but in all this the real protection of the People is annihilated. In a dark, sad, depressed and almost hopeless period, Italy would have deserved an immediate choice to give meaning to the common struggle for the general interest. In this regard – Meritocrazia Italia affirms -, just a week ago Meritocrazia Italia, recalled the political representation, before the start of the voting operations, on the awareness of importance of the role on which the great electors were called to decide and the consequent very high institutional and social value in the choice of the President of the Italian Republic, hoping for seriousness, collaboration and unity of purpose “.

“Unfortunately, the results of the first votes have given the country, once again, a disappointing image of political and representative action, fueling a sense of bitterness and anger among the citizens. Especially in a delicate moment like this, still in full swing. of a health, economic and social crisis that never seems to give way, one would have expected an immediate convergence of political forces on a shared, authoritative and balanced name, considering all the time available to almost all the party components that already make up together the government structure “, continues the note from Meritocrazia Italia.

“The country hoped for an immediate election of the Head of State already in the first votes and with a large quorum, demonstrating the compactness and seriousness that the moment requires. Instead we have witnessed an unjustifiable duplication of ballots with a huge use of resources and personnel at the expense of taxpayers, to listen astonished, live on television, to the emergence of blank ballots, names of showgirls, actors, various singers and so on, with shameful ridicule of this extremely solemn institutional transition “. It’s time to say enough – Meritocrazia Italia remarks -. May the election of the new President be a moment of dignity and respect. In this sense, Meritocrazia Italia calls for the recovery of the sense of the institutions and of the ethics of political and representative action, as an action of service to the Nation and as a demonstration of the importance and awareness of the role and example that must be constantly offered to citizens. “.