Quirinale, Letta: “From Mattarella a choice of great generosity towards the country”

The majority forces, who in the seventh vote opted for abstention or the blank ballot, found an agreement for the Mattarella bis. The dem secretary: “The center-right has formally split, politically it is an essential point”. Boschi (Iv): electing Belloni “is really a weak point for democracy”. Sources: Draghi hopes for an encore Mattarella “for the good and stability of the country”

On the sixth day of voting for the election of the President of the Republic, the majority parties reach an agreement: we look at the Mattarella bis. (THE SPECIAL – THE REGULATION – LIVE UPDATES). After the stalemate on the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati (WHAT HAPPENED), the dialogue between the majority forces has opened. In the morning, a new meeting between Matteo Salvini, Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte: in the seventh vote, which began at 9.30, the orientation of the majority is that of the blank ballot or abstention, so as to take time to make progress in the negotiation. The summit was then suspended and resumed in the late morning. “We discussed various names – said the secretary dem – many, from the name of Draghi, to Mattarella, Cartabia, Severino, Belloni and others such as Amato and Casini. discuss. Then each one made some checks at his home “(THE MOVES OF THE CENTER RIGHT). But in the end it is Prime Minister Mario Draghi who initiates the appeal to Mattarella. He would have heard the political leaders and the outgoing president, hoping that the latter will remain at the Quirinale “for the good and stability of the country”.

Letta: “Applause to Mattarella, but a sign of a profound political crisis”

The assembly of the great Pd electors opened with a long applause dedicated to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, to whom the majority parties are asking to remain at the Colle. “It was an important and formative experience for everyone, an experience in which we grew up and learned many things, I want to tell you how the morning went”, said the secretary Pd Enrico Letta at the assembly with the great voters in progress in the Chamber . “We were forced to ask the President of the Republic to be re-elected, this is the sign of a profound phase of political crisis. We must be aware of this”, said the Secretary of the Democratic Party. “As far as we are concerned, the ability to play as a team is the real reason for success. There is no individualism, there is no personalism”, declared Letta. “All the political steps have shown, in the most difficult moment ever, that the wide field exists thanks to our work. We have managed to keep everyone around”. Speaking of the climb to the Colle to ask Mattarella for an encore, Letta said: “There was the idea that political leaders would go to Mattarella, but I thought that, in a phase in which the constitutional flaws are already numerous, the better choice whether the group leaders go “. Then, speaking of the approach to the negotiation, “we tried to make it clear that we had no intention of winning big but to manage this affair with the idea of ​​closing in the best possible way, more dignified for the institutions and also better for the country” .

Letta: “Choice of great generosity”

The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta held at 4.15 pm, just before the eighth vote, a conference in the group room in the Chamber of Deputies. “I want to express a big thank you to President Mattarella for his choice, which is a choice of generosity towards the country and is fundamental, important and necessary today. I think it is a beautiful day for Italy and important for Italian politics”, he said. said Letta at a press conference in the Chamber.

Letta: “It’s very hard, lucky that Pd is united”

“Each of us, here, plays his role as a great voter and not a great tweeter. The future of the country depends on these choices,” Letta said, according to sources from the Nazarene, at the assembly with the great voters in the House. . “It is very hard. Luckily there is the Democratic Party. Luckily there is the unity of the Democratic Party”, she added between applause. “Yesterday our great success, in the morning – reiterated Letta referring to the vote on Elisabetta Casellati – Thank you, because you were exceptional in trusting the tactics. It was a victory that allowed us to return to the starting square”. “For a success, our logic ‘there must not be a winner’ must prevail – she added – not everyone understands it. And not understanding it means not understanding that the key to the problem lies only with an agreement between everyone “.

Read: “Center-right now split, essential point”

“Today we start again with a method of confrontation characterized by one more element: the center-right has formally split. Politically it is an essential point”, Letta continued. “Salvini came out with the usual logic of ‘it’s me who gives the cards ‘. This also created a short circuit with the Five Stars. As soon as Salvini spoke, I realized that the hypothesis he was referring to would be burned. Because of this method “. “We must try, in discussions within the majority, everything possible so that the squaring of the circle takes place – continued the leader dem – Consistency between the governing majority, two coalitions and a majority that holds the President of the Republic”.

Boschi: “Belloni at the Quirinale a vulnus for democracy”

In the morning Maria Elena Boschi spoke again about the name of the general director of the Security Information Department Elisabetta Belloni, who started to circulate again on Friday and on which Italia Viva does not agree. Electing the director of the Dis to the Quirinale would be a “vulnus” according to the group leader of Italia Viva Boschi. “She is a friend and a professional that I respect very much” – she tells her to The print – But to elect the top secret services as President of the Republic is really a weak point for democracy. We will not vote for it. “The exponent of Italia Viva hopes to rethink the current tenant of the Colle:” I would be very happy if President Mattarella accepted. We wanted it seven years ago, we want it today “.