Quirinale, Meloni and the meeting with Letizia Moratti: “Berlusconi was not offended”

The leader of the Brothers of Italy returns to the face to face held a few days ago in the capital with the vice president of the Lombardy Region, which for many had as its topic the candidacy of the latter for the post of president of the Republic. And denies the rumors: “It is normal for FdI president to meet center-right councilor”

The center-right race to the Quirinale accelerates. Giorgia Meloni returns to the indiscretions that would see the leader of the Brothers of Italy push for Letizia Moratti’s candidacy for Colle. The meeting held a few days ago in the capital between the leader of FdI and the vice president of the Lombardy Region for many had as its background the candidacy of the latter for the office of President of the Republic. “Berlusconi was not resentful of the meeting with Letizia Moratti,” says Meloni arriving at the presentation of the book “Pedagogy and Politics. Building Thinking Communities” (ALL NEWS ON THE QUIRINALE).

Moratti: “The only name of the center-right is the Cavaliere”

“I inform you that on December 24th I will be with my mother, but I do not intend to run her for the Quirinale. Let’s not make movies. I think it is normal for the president of FdI to speak to a center-right councilor “, said Meloni, commenting on the lunch with Moratti which took place a few days ago. The same councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region also denied the rumors:” The only name for the Quirinale of the center-right is that of President Silvio Berlusconi “, declared Letizia Moratti.” I deal with healthcare in the Lombardy Region. It is an important commitment that I try to carry out with all of myself “. Meanwhile, the center-right summit is expected for Thursday at 13, in Villa Grande, on the Appia. The meeting will be attended, in addition to the landlord, Silvio Berlusconi, and the two leaders of the major forces, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, also Giovanni Toti (Courage Italy), Maurizio Lupi (Us with Italy) and Lorenzo Cesa (Udc ).

Meloni: “In favor of a woman but it’s not a match”

“I am always in favor of a woman, but it is not a match, young or old, man or woman. We must seek convergences without stakes, then we will see in the race. I think of a president who enforces the rules, who cares about the respect for the Constitution and want to defend national sovereignty “, reiterated Meloni.

FdI: “Berlusconi first choice”

According to Ignazio La Russa (FdI) for the Quirinale “our first and convinced choice is Berlusconi. Super partes, a true patriot. “If the center-right will remain united?” I think so, we would do it by choice, because we would have the same assessment of what the new head of state must do. Instead the left would do it only to stay in government and not go to vote. We are more compact than the left “. In addition to Berlusconi, La Russa declares, there are at least” five other area candidates, even if we have never discussed or hypothesized the choice “.

Salvini: “No secret meeting between Meloni and Moratti, whipped cream”

Matteo Salvini takes his time and doesn’t talk about Quirinale, postponing the match to 2022. On the meeting between Meloni and Moratti “they met in a restaurant in the square in Rome and, therefore, it doesn’t seem like a secret meeting. If one wants to have a secret meeting, he does not go to eat in the square in front of Montecitorio. So, it seems to me that it is a whirlwind “, commented the leader of the League.