Quirinale, Pd, M5S and LeU abstain. “Serious mistake to nominate Casellati unilaterally”

Pd, M5S and LeU have decided to attend the vote but not to express themselves after the decision of the center-right to propose the president of the Senate. By mutual agreement they will also desert the meeting between the majority forces proposed by Salvini. “We are asking for a candidacy that is super partes”, explains the former Speaker of the Chamber Boldrini. On the same line Conte: “Enough with the snags, the candidate must be of high profile”

Even the fourth vote ended yesterday with a stalemate, the political forces continue to work to decide who to elect as the next President of the Republic in view of the two ballots scheduled for the day. The first, set at 11, is already underway. The exponents of Italia Viva are not responding to the call, which has decided not to participate in the vote and is not even taking part in the meetings of the various camps. PD, M5S and LeU instead continue to meet regularly and at the end of the last joint summit they took two decisions: to abstain today and to desert the majority meeting proposed by the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini (THE SPECIAL – THE REGULATION – LIVE UPDATES).

Letta’s accusation

The secretary of the democratic party Enrico Letta, who until now had maintained a proactive spirit, is beginning to lose patience. “I’m honestly wondering if I was right to trust you [del centrodestra], we were taken around for three days, ”he said. “The impression is that they have tried to divide us with imaginative ideas”. Letta’s irritation would arise above all from two circumstances: the hypothesis that the Northern League leader is also working on the candidacy of Franco Frattini, which the Nazarene considers a “provocation”, and the will of the center-right to vote for the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati .

The meetings of the day

Just to decide how to react in the face of these choices, the leaders of Pd, M5S and LeU had set a new meeting in the morning. The group leaders of the three political forces also participated in the summit and, given that the meeting lasted longer than expected, the assembly of the great voters of the M5S began without Giuseppe Conte. “We consider the unilateral candidacy of the second post of the state, announced one hour after the fifth vote, a serious mistake”, the three political forces said at the end of the joint summit. “Out of respect for the institutions, today we will cast an abstention vote in the present non-voting formula”.

The motivations of the center left

“In these moments it takes numerical hold and not only that”, said former leader of the dem Pier Luigi Bersani. We abstain today and we hope that after today the center-right understands that the only solution is a candidate of the government majority, perhaps also voted by the opposition. “The former speaker of the House Laura Boldrini also spoke on the subject.” of President Casellati is a cynical operation by Salvini, who exposed her without being sure that she will be elected “. Boldrini also explained why the center-left does not want to vote for her, despite being in favor of supporting a woman in general.” Casellati has shown that he is in favor of supporting a woman. have a very strong partisan connotation: she was Berlusconi’s lawyer, she was elected to the CSM for the center-right. The center-left is asking for a super partes figure “, explained Boldrini.

Conte’s statements

“We are in an institutional short circuit. We have given up on proposing a candidate counter to favor a shared candidacy and super parters, but we have been chasing the center-right for three days. We invite them to do an examination of conscience”, said the president of the M5S . “I have not messed up, I have made available my very modest mediation skills and patience to find a solution that can only be of high profile. We cannot proceed with these tears”. And again: “We do not participate in these acts of force, in these counts on institutional offices”.

The Mattarella bis

In the morning, Matteo Renzi returned to talk about the possibility that the current head of state will be chosen for a second term. “I do not exclude the hypothesis that there may also be a Mattarella bis, it would be a stretch against Mattarella and extremely incorrect but on Friday morning or the affair is resolved in the next few hours or this hypothesis is on the field with all its strength”, he said.

From today two votes a day

The joint meeting of the group leaders, meanwhile, has decided to move to two votes starting today. Once the first ballot is over, a new vote will be held at 5 pm. “The decision to foresee 2 votes from today, as the secretary dem Enrico Letta had wished, is a right choice and well done by the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico to propose it “, said the deputy dem Emanuele Fiano. “The emergency situation in which the country finds itself while we are engaged in the election of the President of the Republic requires us to tighten the time to reach a solution that we hope, as we have repeated from the beginning, will be of broad consensus” .