Quirinale, Renzi’s prediction: “Head of State elected by a large majority”

The leader of Italia Viva guest of Atreju 2021

“If you want a prediction, in my opinion he will be a president of the Republic elected by a large majority”. It is the prediction of Matteo Renzi on the Quirinale match during his speech in Atreju. “I hope that the President of the Republic will go from Fdi to Five stars, from Lega to Pd, the more we are the better … ” to elect the head of state, ” both for an institutional fact of rules and for a political fact , after which it depends.For the first time, the center-right has numbers in the majority, from Fdi to Fi, 45% of the big voters. The question is whether the center-right will take the initiative together or not. This time the role of king maker is up to you“, keep it going.

” The President of the Republic is the most beautiful and difficult exercise, because there is an electoral base of a thousand people. Candidates often come out last. Draghi yes, Draghi no, first of all we should ask the political forces and Draghi himself in January, it’s not a quiz. Until January 15 – he continues – every discussion is premature ”.

” We go to vote for the President of the Republic in January, period. I have the impression that many leaders, starting with you, want to go and vote in 2022 … Whether you vote in 2022 or 2023, the next legislature must pose this problem. The question is: who goes to vote, does he know that at some point his vote really matters? There is only one model, that of the mayor of Italy, like it or not … I – he continues to support presidentialism – I wouldn’t gain anything, like when I sent Conte home for Draghi. I think choosing who governs you is good for democracy. If we no longer value the vote, which becomes just a like, we distance people from public affairs. The time is ripe for those who vote with knowledge of the facts to know who wins and governs for 5 years. This is why I believe that the model of the mayor of Italy is needed ”.

The leader of Italia Viva, still on the subject of presidentialism, explains: “I have no desire to propose my own constitutional reform. But for me there is only one possible model, that of the mayor of Italy … It was the logic that we had put at the base of the Italicum … ”.

“What Pera and Violante have said about constitutional reforms is extraordinarily fascinating, I do not enter into the merits, the question is broader. The question – underlines the former premier – is that democracy is in crisis here, because at the time of the voting does not correspond to a consequence. Today we can lead the country thinking that likes and the mechanism of influencers can replace votes … “.

GREETING FROM MELONI – ” We greet the secretary, no, he is not the secretary but the leader of Italia Vita … We thank Renzi, it is the first time for him in Atreju, for him it is a novelty … ”. So Giorgia Meloni ‘presented’ Matteo Renzi at his debut in Atreju this morning to participate in a debate on the presidential reform, Fdi’s workhorse.

“I state that unlike what Pera said, I don’t feel at home here and I say it also for safety and tranquility … In the sense that I have been, am and will be somewhere else … I said thanks to Giorgia for the invitation because I find it very nice that there can be a place where we can talk to each other having the awareness of staying in different houses. I say this above all to the younger ones “, Renzi replies.