Quirinale, Sgarbi: “Casellati would be perfect”

“Game in the hands of Berlusconi”

A perfect woman for this situation would be Casellati, the president of the Senate, because she embodies three favorable conditions: she is a woman, in fact, she holds an institutional role and belongs to Forza Italia. Moreover, you would also collect many votes among the former Five Stars. ”Thus Vittorio Sgarbi in an interview with the online newspaper ildenaro.it on the race to the Colle.

“In this case a game would be opened to be played only in the center-right field. Even if Italia Viva di Renzi could join the race for the Presidency of the Senate, in the case of Casellati at the Quirinale, supporting his candidacy for the Colle”, he says. “A Mattarella bis would be the hypothesis that Silvio Berlusconi prefers, even if I understand that it is an impracticable option, beyond the symbolically interesting name, because it would not find support in Parliament. Starting with the League “.

In the same interview with ildenaro.it Sgarbi focuses on Cav. “He is in the position to establish the game, he has held the ball up to now and has still maintained the best condition among the leaders. So far he decides”. And on a hypothetical ranking of three most favored names in the race for the office of President of the Republic and appreciated by Berlusconi, he concludes: “Casellati, Gianni Letta, Draghi. Casellati could collect that part of the votes that Berlusconi does not have today”.