Quirinale, Sgarbi: “For now, 10 new votes have been found for Berlusconi” ‘

” I’m Silvio’s butterfly catcher … ”

It defines itself as ” Silvio’s butterfly catcher … ”. For over a week Vittorio Sgarbi has been acting as a real telephone secretary of Silvio Berlusconi, both in Arcore and at ‘Villa Grande’, hunting for great voters in the ‘middle earth’ of the Mixed to support the candidacy of the Cav for the Quirinale. ” Since Berlusconi told me he wants to go to Colle and has the numbers to do it, as many as 100 votes outside the perimeter of the center-right – the art critic tells Adnkronos – I asked him: who am I? Why don’t we give them a face by calling them one by one? And so, telephone numbers in hand, we are hearing a lot of parliamentarians. ”

“We are checking the ‘numbers’ in Parliament. At present, there are ten ‘new signings’ ready to vote for Silvio ”, but there are always snipers lurking, especially at Forza Italia: ” I put him on guard. According to my calculations – explains Sgarbi – there are at least 12 in the center-right who will never vote for Berlusconi. And for this reason I keep repeating to him that if at the end of the fair, after all the necessary checks, those 50 votes are missing. useful to go to Colle, in addition to the current 450 big center-right voters, I will ask him to give up the race and give him another name on behalf of the coalition. ” Sgarbi says that he would have indicated Mario Draghi in place of Sergio Mattarella, but given that the president of Forza Italia believes in it and “is absolutely determined” to play his cards to the end, “we are all aligned and committed to supporting him. Even Gianni Letta is working for him, certainly not rowing against, but as me, he wants to verify the ‘numbers’ to the last “, through what has been renamed the squirrel operation.

“I repeat – insists the leader of ‘Rinascimento – I will help him find consensus as a butterfly catcher, given the volatility that exists above all among the 5 stars, but when I realize that the numbers are not there, I will not let him go. bumping into a wall and I will advise him to take a step to the side. ” According to Sgarbi ” Berlusconi will dissolve the reserve on his candidacy ” certainly not tomorrow at the top with the allies, only in the Cesarini area, ” on 25 or 26 January ”, because ” Silvio is like a very courted woman and can afford to say yes or no until the last minute … ”. (by Vittorio Amato)