Quirinale, the silence of Draghi: “On Colle I will not answer, I govern well”

The premier: “Differences never hindering the executive’s action”

The premise comes before the reporters ‘questions have started: “I will not answer any questions concerning immediate developments, the Quirinale or other things”, as well as closely following Silvio Berlusconi’s broadside against any possible rush by the premier to the Colle,’ if Draghi leaves Palazzo Chigi, it will go back to voting ‘, is the diktat of the Knight that leaks from the ranks of Forza Italia half an hour before the highly anticipated press conference of the Prime Minister. Yet, among the journalists, some do not allow themselves to be intimidated and try to raise the Colle issue to Mario Draghi. “I welcome your question for the acceptable part …”, the ‘pruning’ of the Prime Minister, who, to the first reporter who breaks the delay, replies on the divisions in the government, dribbling the Quirinale question or the question about Berlusconi’s words .

Same fate for one of the last questions on the list: the Colle match remains unanswered. And those who, in the last few hours, told of a Draghi ready to take a step back, are disappointed, convinced that he is carrying out the battle against the pandemic entrusted to him on February 3 by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. His silence at the press conference seems to suggest something else. That is, that Colle remains in the game, despite the ‘friendly fire’ of part of his majority. Worried that a possible move by Draghi to the Quirinale will precipitate the country in the crisis, leading the Italians straight to the vote.

Nor does he hide the divisions even if he assures that he is not irritated by the fibrillations of the majority: “The diversity of opinions, the differences have never been an obstacle to government action”, what matters “is the desire to work together, as long as there is that the government is going well “, warns the premier. At the end of the press conference, the faithful spokesperson, Paola Ansuini, jokes with the reporters about the decision to ‘silence’ the Colle issue. Someone asks if, after apologizing for the missed press conference last week, Draghi will hold another to make up for the lack of answers on the Quirinale. “Let’s not joke”, she replies with a smile before reaching the Prime Minister.