Quirinale, tomorrow Berlusconi dissolves reserve on his candidacy

The Cav could remain in Arcore and participate in the center-right summit remotely

Tomorrow Silvio Berlusconi will dissolve the reserve on his candidacy for Colle. The Cav could remain in Arcore and participate in the center-right summit remotely. Blue sources confirm this.

Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni spoke on the phone today and tomorrow they will meet at a summit with spotlights on the race to the Colle. On the occasion of the election of the President of the Republic, the center-right will have a shared and unitary position, the parties of the center-right coalition have announced.

Everything suggests that Silvio Berlusconi is close to taking a step back in the face of the ever stronger pressing of Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni. Impatient by Cav’s hesitation about his candidacy for the Colle, Lega and Fdi have repeatedly asked for a clarifying meeting, setting up the convening of that center-right summit that should have been held two days ago in Rome tomorrow. Worried about the risk of ‘burning out’ the role of king maker, the ‘Captain’ would have decided to accelerate to convince the president of Forza Italia to give himself a move, clearing the field of any misunderstanding. He then called the allies and got the OK from the president of Forza Italia at the summit that the former prime minister, they say, would have liked to postpone to Monday morning to take more time.

Hence the joint note released after 5 pm: ” The coalition leaders spoke on the phone today, a summit is scheduled for tomorrow, in Rome ”, with the assurance: ” the climate is cordial and the center-right will have a shared and unitary position on the occasion of the elections for the head of state. ” After a few hours, almost to increase the dose, or the pressure on Arcore, Salvini released another note to announce that “he had contacted all the leaders (starting from those of the majority that supports the Draghi government) to warn them of the center-right summit. In particular, the number one in via Bellerio used the expression ” work in progress ” to explain that he is working, claiming once again the role of king maker, for a shared solution without naming names.

” The coalition will have the honor and the burden of proposing a high profile candidacy for the Colle ”. A passage that some of the Azzurri have interpreted as ‘a welcome to Silvio’, or a way of saying that the center-right is ready to evaluate other options instead of Berlusconi. A signal from Arcore arrives in the evening, when the group leader in the Chamber of Fi, Paolo Barelli, coming out of Villa San Martino, confirms the rumors of the last few hours: ” Tomorrow Berlusconi will most likely dissolve the reserve ”. The president of the blue deputies does not specify whether his leader will stand as a candidate or not, leaving still 24 hours of suspense but the forced bookmakers are betting on the withdrawal of the Cav.