“Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia”, the film starring Scamarcio is released in the USA. What to know

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The one between Audi and Lancia has remained in the imagination as a historic rivalry, an unforgettable duel between the two symbolic teams that made the world of car rallies legendary in the 1980s. The film came to life from this dualism Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lance, originally titled film 2 Wins, which comes out today, January 5, in the United States (and will arrive in Italy on February 29). The film, based on true events, is an international production (MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS OF 2024). Directed by the Italian director Stefano Mordini, it stars Riccardo Scamarcio and Daniel Brühl (in the role of Cesare Fiorio and Roland Gumpert). The screenplay was written by Filippo Bologna, Mordini and Scarmarcio (who is also a producer together with Jeremy Thomas, for the Recorded Picture Company, as well as Lebowski, HanWay Films and Metropolitan Films).

What’s the movie about

In the 1980s the WRC was one of the most followed and loved sporting events in the world. The film describes the rivalry that emerged in the 1983 world rally championship between the Audi Sport Gmbh and Lancia Abarth manufacturers. It’s a challenge between David and Goliath. The Germans, thanks to their engineering and mechanical perfection, start out as clear favourites. But they have to deal with the creativity and cunning of the Italian team. The Turin company has the brilliant Cesare Fiorio (played by Scamarcio) as team manager while Daniel Brühl is Roland Gumpert, number one in the Audi sports division at the time. The Germans, who had won the constructors’ championship the year before, are banking on their all-wheel drive Audi Quattro. The Italians launch the Lancia 037 with only two-wheel drive. Fiorio, who starts from behind, devises a plan to win. And he asks Walter Rohl (Volker Bruch) to drive his car. In the end Lancia won the constructors’ title (the last rear-wheel drive to triumph in the constructors’ championship in the competition) while Hannu Mikkola won the drivers’ title aboard Audi.

The shooting

Filming was carried out on location between Italy and Greece, including some of the places where the events depicted took place, such as the Lancia headquarters and the Balocco Circuit. Principal photography began in Turin on May 16, 2022.

The cast

Riccardo Scamarcio, as well as co-writer and producer, is also one of the protagonists. He plays Cesare Fiorio, the legendary sporting director of Lancia’s rally department. Daniel Brühl is Roland Gumpert, head of the Audi racing department. This is the second film dedicated to racing for the German actor, given that he played Niki Lauda in Rush. The Bavarian Volker Bruch, already seen in the series Babylon Berlin, plays the role of Walter Röhrl, a German driver already champion in 1980 and 1982, who agrees to drive the Lancia, but competing only in the races he likes. Frenchwoman Esther Garrel plays Michèle Mouton, the tenacious driver of the Audi team. Katie Clarkson-Hill stars as Jane McCoy, team doctor and nutritionist. Finnish Hannu Mikkola, winner of the World Rally Championship in an Audi, is played in the film by Italian Gianmaria Martini. Markku Alen, who helped bring the Constructors’ Championship to Lancia that year, is played by the Italian driver Simone Goldoni. His navigator Ilkka Kivimäki has the face of Rosario Terranova. The cast also includes, among others, Haley Bennett and Giorgio Montanini.