Rachele Silvestri (FdI): “DNA test on my son to defend him from rumours”

The 36-year-old from Ascoli Piceno, a deputy of the Brothers of Italy, claims that she was “forced” to take a DNA test due to the “alleged news from some media outlet” that the child would not be hers company

A DNA test to confirm that the father of her three-month-old baby is her mate and silence the gossips. It is the choice of Rachele Silvestri, deputy of the Brothers of Italy and first of the 5 Star Movement. “I was forced to take a paternity test for my only three-month-old son. And the father is Fabio, my partner. Naturally, I had no doubts. Why, then, did I do it? And, above all, why I ask that the news be reported in the newspapers?” writes Silvestri a letter sent to Corriere della Sera. “If your imagination (or curiosity) is taking you who knows where – he continues – read, and then, I hope, you will be indignant with me. Because, sometimes, the vulgar reality surpasses even the most fervent imagination”. “In 2019 – the story continues – I left the Movement and, after a period in the Misto group, I joined the Brothers of Italy. It was a choice of heart and reason, because I had shared ideas with Giorgia Meloni’s party for some time and courage. About a month ago, a friend of mine told me that there was a rumor that my child would not be the son of my partner, but of a very influential politician from the Brothers of Italy, who was also married. My son would be, therefore, born of a clandestine relationship, thanks to which I would also have obtained my candidacy”, says the deputy.

“My wish is that no one is lenient with the perpetrator of the slander”

“Can you just imagine how I felt? You don’t have to be a woman to understand the disgust, the violence, the humiliation,” adds Silvestri. “I wonder: how many ways can a woman’s body be violated, trampled on, abused? How many times can the gift of procreation be exploited and degraded? In the name of what is violence against a newborn child justifiable? I don’t know who it was. Many, however, have chosen to share an evident slander, from phone to phone, from chat to chat, making themselves accomplices to this crap – he says -. And even those who know but have decided not to talk are “. “I have chosen to make this story public to protect my son and Fabio, my legitimate father and my beloved companion. My wish is that no one is lenient with the author of the slander and with those who contribute to spreading it”, he concludes in the letter.