Racist insults to Vlahovic, Abodi: “Gasperini reflect on his words”

For the Atalanta coach it was an episode of rudeness

“Everyone responds to his conscience. I believe that there is justice in conscience and I hope that Gasperini reflects on those statements”. Youth Sport Minister Andrea Abodi said this when answering questions from journalists in Catania after the racist insults addressed yesterday by Atalanta fans to Dusan Vlahovic, the Serbian striker for Juventus, addressed with the chants “you’re a gypsy”. For the coach from Bergamo Gan Piero Gasperini it was an episode of rudeness and not of racism. “I think this is a phenomenon that shouldn’t be underestimated, nor should we make a caricature of it. We must always keep our attention high, starting right from the protagonists of the pitch, who are not only the players but also the coaches and managers”, he says Abodi.

“With respect to racism we must always be present in a timely, unequivocal way, because our goal is a civil stadium where families, children, men and women can go without having to live with subcultural phenomena that have racism, ‘anti-Semitism, an unbearable expression”, the words of the minister. “These acts – he adds – are to be condemned, the authorities in charge of safety and public order are doing their job”.