‘Rackets in class’, tomorrow and Saturday in Turin the final party of the seventh edition

Rackets in the classroom‘, the project born in 2014 to offer the opportunity to Primary School pupils to experience some important educational aspects of racket games, in this edition with Mini-Tennis, the Mini-Table Tennis, concludes on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November its seventh edition of the Final party, with the participation of over 2000 children, at the Palazzetto dello Sport Giovanni Asti in Turin, the city that is currently hosting a Davis Cup group.

The initiative that brought together in 2021 three racket sports federations such as Fit (Italian Tennis Federation, Beach Tennis and Padel), FIPT (Italian Tambourine Federation) and FITeT (Italian Table Tennis Federation) is supported by Kinder Joy of Moving, the Social Responsibility project of the Ferrero Group which has ‘goal of increase and promote physical activity among the youngest, bringing them closer to the values ​​of sport and the joy of moving in the name of education, respect and fair play.

“We are proud to celebrate in Turin, which we can consider the capital of the tennis world with the organization of the Nitto ATP Finals and two groups of the Davis Cup by Rakuten, the final event of ‘Racquets in Class’. Sports project for schools. , which involved thousands of children, with educational objectives designed to involve primary school children to exalt the principles of Multidisciplinarity and Multilateralism. Multidisciplinary because three Federations, FIT – FITeT – FIPT offer racket game-sports such as Tennis, Padel, Beach tennis, Table Tennis and Tambourine Ball. Multilateral because the teaching proposals are simultaneously oriented both to motor development in an organic way and to the development of all areas of competence such as mental, motor and tactical technical “. Angelo Binaghi, President of FIT, who adds: “From this year, the project provides an additional play opportunity for the children who will receive scholarships by the FIT to continue playing tennis in FIT certified schools. A special thanks to all the insiders including our partner Kinder Joy of moving. Happy tennis everyone “.

It is no coincidence that in Turin, in this period the capital of world tennis with the ATP Finals and Davis Cup, the Final Party of ‘Racquets in class’ takes place, a unique opportunity to give impetus to youth sports promotion. They will be set up at the Palazzetto dello Sport three play stations, with 8 mini-tennis courts, 10 table tennis tables that will welcome thousands of children. A motor play area will also be set up where qualified instructors will involve children and teachers in games related to Joy of moving, a method capable of promoting the motor, cognitive and socio-emotional development of children, which our research and development company Soremartec has developed, with the collaboration of scientific and university institutions, and the Ministry of Education has been disclosing for years in Italian nursery and primary schools, through the dedicated platform and the manual available at the link https://www.joyofmovinghandbook.com/it.

This special didactics designed for kindergarten and all primary classes and intended for teachers will also this year be one of the methodologies recommended by the Ministry of Education, this manual is, in fact, designed to help teachers to teach physical activity in schools. Rackets in the classroom is proposed with the same philosophy of the joy of movement with the educational multilateralism, sporting multidisciplinarity, social inclusion, elimination of barriers due to disability, prevention and active life. It is important that more and more children learn the values ​​of sport, play, fun and well-being deriving from a life in motion and, at the same time, we can broaden the base of practitioners, also favoring the birth of future talents.

“The regional school office for Piedmont, once again, favoring the system approach of the ‘educating community’, represented by families, schools, the world of sport and health, took the field to coordinate and support a project that , enhancing movement and play as essential components of the life of our girls and boys, promotes multi-experiential motor, coordinative and cognitive learning, as a fundamental educational path to foster successful experiences and to preserve the joy of moving that is the basis of the permanent adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle. The Racquets in the Classroom project, in synergy with the Joy of Moving method, both validated by the Ministry of Education and highly appreciated by schools, therefore become strategic tools available to schools for orientation to sports practice for girls and boys, through the active involvement of families, with a view to sharing educational responsibility “, he declares Giuseppe Bordonaro, Deputy Manager of USR Piemonte Director General.

As part of the event will also be present Rita Grande the former athlete of the women’s national tennis team and today the organizer of a unique tennis circuit of its kind, the Tennis Trophy FIT Kinder Joy of Moving, both for its promotional characteristics and for its widespread national diffusion. A circuit that, within the Federation’s activities, forms the basis for involving tennis clubs and families for the growth of youth tennis, with particular attention to social inclusion through the development of wheelchair tennis.

“After my tennis activity in the WTA circuit, since 2006 I have created a tennis tournament circuit with some technical innovations and which did not have the exclusive aim of identifying the future world tennis champion. The programming of the stages involved all the regions Italians; we have promoted self-arbitration and insisted on respecting some simple rules of fair play, introducing a dedicated prize in each tournament. Since 2019 we have organized tournaments for the junior Wheelchair sector giving priority to values ​​such as socialization and inclusion. The purpose of the youth tennis promotional circuit is to bring young people closer to an activity that contributes not only to the physical development, but also to the cognitive, emotional and social development of the boys “, concludes Rita Grande.