Raf recounts his 40-year personal and musical journey in ‘La mia casa’, which will be released on the 9th by Mondadori

The Italian and international gaze of an artist who has been able to reinvent auteur pop

A personal and musical journey that of Raf, an artist who has been able to rewrite auteur pop: he tells it in his autobiography, written together with Cosimo Damiano Damato. The volume published by Mondadori will be released on 9 May. “The house I live in – explains the singer – is made up of travel, poems, music, love and the road. It is a place with variable but solid boundaries, resistant to the changes of passing time. My house is a time machine that it takes me back to the South, on the road of that boy who had big dreams to chase. Dreams that came from the sea”.

“I looked the world in the eye facing it with the joy of small things – continues the artist – I’ve always been shy, distracted, distracted, sometimes bizarre. I conquered serenity after restlessness. Embracing irony. Listening to the heart and its reasons. Fighting the small daily meanness, with deep feelings. I cried, laughed, loved, lived and sang. God I sang! How much life in my house”.

This is how Raf takes us on an “on the road” journey into his artistic and human life, with his poetic ‘revolutionary beat’, through forty years of music with an international gaze. The singer-songwriter tells himself in a sort of intimate diary, thanks to the dramaturgical complicity of Damato, entrusting thoughts, anecdotes and visions to a coming-of-age story that becomes prose. From his home in Florida, he observes life, the political, cultural and social events that offer the starting point for his musical and civil figure.

Raf, born Raffaele Riefoli, was born in Margherita di Savoia in 1959. One of the most loved singer-songwriters, father of Italian pop, among his successes, we remember the international ‘Self Control’, ‘Cosa restarà’, ‘ Gente di mare’ (among the first true Italian successes at the Eurovision Song Contest), ‘Il battito animali’, ‘Due’, ‘Sei la più bella del mondo’, ‘Infinito’ and ‘In tutti i nostri giorni’. He is the author of ‘You can give more’. He has released 14 studio albums, selling 10 million records worldwide.

Damato was also born in Margherita di Savoia, but in 1973, and is a poet, playwright, screenwriter and director. The Cineteca Nazionale has dedicated the retrospective “Visions, fantasies, dreams, revolutions, poems and follies” to him. He has worked, among others, with Alda Merini, Erri De Luca, Luis Bacalov and Lucio Dalla. His films have been screened at the Venice Film Festival, his books translated into French. With Raf and Gabriella Labate he brought the show ‘The Revolution in the Soul’ to the theatre.