Raffaele Paganini returns to the theater with a tribute to Pink Floyd

The ‘Shine Pink Floyd Moon’ tour, the latest show signed by director and choreographer Micha van Hoecke, restarts from Modena. On February 3, the show with Pink Floyd Legend and the Daniele Cipriani Company will celebrate the 50,000 spectators since the start of the tour

Raffaele Paganini returns to the theater, star among stars, first-rate dance star, new protagonist of ‘Shine Pink Floyd Moon’, rock opera with live music by Pink Floyd Legend (musical direction Fabio Castaldi), the latest work by the director and choreographer of Russian origin Micha van Hoecke who passed away in August 2021. On stage the Daniele Cipriani Company with Mattia Tortora. The resumption of the show, with Paganini in the role of Syd Barrett, started last summer and is now about to touch various Italian cities in the first months of 2023. It begins with Modena, Teatro Comunale (January 25), continuing to Pordenone Teatro Verdi (January 30) to then arrive at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Sala S. Cecilia (February 3) where the 50 thousand spectators will be celebrated since the beginning of the tour which started from the Ravenna Festival on June 8 2019. Last stop, the Theater Verdi in Florence (March 21).

“Mine is not a return to the stage, but a return to smile”, says Raffaele Paganini, who after an absence from the international scene lasting many years, is preparing to interpret Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd musician lost in the unknown regions of the ‘ luna’, understood as a mental illness, to which the bandmates paid homage in some of their iconic songs. Paganini, former principal dancer of the Rome Opera House, was hugely popular thanks to appearances on television programs such as Fantastico in the 80s. “One day Daniele Cipriani calls me to propose to take over from Denys Ganio in the filming of Shine Pink Floyd Moon – he says – My answer could only be ‘yes!!!’, with a cry that started from the depths of my soul like that by the vocalist on ‘The Great Gig in the Sky!'”

“Because, despite being a classical dancer drinking from the source of Tchaikovsky and other great composers – he adds – I am part of that generation that still breathed the songs of Pink Floyd in the air. Not to mention my great friendship with both Micha van Hoecke , both with Denys Ganio, both artists with whom I have worked alongside for years. In short, the role of Syd fits me in an amazing way. it was written in the stars that I should one day play Shine Pink Floyd Moon” . The stars to which Paganini alludes are always present in Pink Floyd’s lyrics. Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and David Gilmour urge Syd to keep shining, singing him ‘Shine on, you crazy diamond!’. Almost as if in Shine Pink Floyd Moon, inspired by these verses, Micha imparted a similar and imperishable ideal exhortation, first to Denys Ganio, and now to Raffaele Paganini.

One year after the death of Micha van Hoecke, this rock opera, as the great director and choreographer had defined it, reassembled today by Miki Matsuse van Hoecke, is the spiritual testament of the Russian-Belgian master, a work steeped in hope, represented symbolically by the ‘flame’ that Syd/Paganini lights in the dark. “‘Shine Pink Floyd Moon’ urges us, therefore, to turn on the bright side of our inner moon – reads a note from the show – Emblem of poetry, of fantasy, of the life of every human being, to fight the rampant materialism of our days and always find ourselves, our ‘I’, even in these dark times of bewilderment”.