Raffaella Carrà, a documentary about her life is coming

Fremantle is insured exclusively the option on international rights for the making of a documentary on Raffaella Carrà (THE PHOTO HISTORY) which will retrace the extraordinary life of the Italian singer, actress and presenter who has become a true icon of pop culture all over the world.

Raffaella Carrà’s career

Raffaella’s career (THE SPECIAL) went through seven decades of extraordinary success, during which she challenged conservative morality and always presented herself as a free, self-aware and independent woman. Following in the footsteps of artists such as Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren and Virna Lisi, in 1965 Raffaella signs a film contract with 20th Century Fox and appears in the film The colonel Von Ryan alongside Frank Sinatra, Edward Mulhare and Trevor Howard. But it is with Canzonissima, the famous television variety of the 70s conducted together with Corrado, that Raffaella Carrà becomes a real star of Italian television. In those years his popularity grew in Spain, Europe and Latin America thanks also to the enormous success of the album Forte Forte Forte, published in 36 countries around the world.

Raffaella has always challenged the status quo, becoming a symbol of innovation and rupture, from the navel discovered in the acronym of Canzonissima in the 69/70 season up to the “rough” dance of Tuca Tuca in 1971 always on the stage of Canzonissima. Artistic choices considered extraordinarily provocative in the cultural and political context of the time, which generated controversy and debate, but which in fact consecrated the Carrà as the undisputed protagonist of the process of determining women’s rights, in Italy and Spain. Raffaella has never stopped encouraging everyone to feel free to express their choices and, also for this reason, over the years she has become a strong supporter and reference point for the LGBTQ + community, so much so that she has been awarded at World Pride in Madrid in 2017.

The Fremantle documentary

She will tell this extraordinary story, and how Raffaella became one of the Italian women who most marked the Italian and Spanish popular culture.

This new international project of Fremantle was strongly supported by Andrea Scrosati (Group COO, CEO Continental Europe) and was born from an idea of Alessandro De Rita (Head of Italian Documentaries).

The documentary on Raffaella Carrà once again underlines Fremantle’s commitment to the production and distribution of high quality international documentaries capable of telling meaningful and culturally relevant stories. Among the many documentaries by Fremantle, we remember the documentary series Planet Sex on human sexuality, conducted and conceived by Cara Delevingne; the film documentary Artic Drift on the international scientific expedition that has studied the melting of Arctic ice for over six months. And again, the “Sky Original” docuseries Kingdom of Dreams, reportage on the world of fashion from the early 90s to the 2010s, made by the same creative team of the award-winning documentary film McQueen; and finally BAL, on the inaugural season of the new NBA-backed professional basketball championship in Africa featuring 12 club teams from across the African continent.