Raffaella Fico how it has changed over the years: before and after surgery

Raffaella Fico, before and after resorting to cosmetic surgery: have you noticed how the showgirl has changed over the years?

Ex gieffina, showgirl and singer, Raffaella Fico has made its way into the Italian show business. She was born in 1988, she was born first as a model and then became a well-known face also on the small screen.

How Raffaella has changed in recent years: the before and after (Credits: Instagram)

Class ’88, the Neapolitan showgirl has been at the center of the gossip headlines for some time for her previous relationships, in particular those who have seen her alongside two well-known faces in the sports scene, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli with the which had little Pia, born in 2012.

During her TV career Raffaella Fico has participated in several television programs as well as reality shows. Big Brother was for the young woman the first experience in a reality show in which she participated for the first time in 2008. Then the arrival at L’Isola dei Famosi some time later. She this year she was again the tenant of the most spied house in Italy, participating in the Big Brother Vip 6.

Over the course of these years of television career, you have all noticed the change in Raffaella Fico. Let’s see in this regard the before and after of the showgirl!

Raffaella Fico, before and after resorting to cosmetic surgery

At GF Vip we often saw her presenting herself with all different looks, starting from the hair. From the beginning to today Raffaella Fico has changed a lot. Here she is in a shot in which the before and after it is certainly recognizable. Apart from a few years less on the identity card, the beautiful showgirl, some changes that have occurred over time can be seen.

Apart from the thick hair that still fascinates today, Fico admitted that she had resorted to some aesthetic retouching, particularly at a very young age she had her breasts remade: “Yes, I got a makeover. The only thing I have remade is her breasts ”, said Raffaella Fico to those who accuse her of being too upset. She loves to keep fit, and her statuesque physique is the mere testimony of it.

raffaella fig before and after
(Credits: Instagram)

Apart from a few features that have changed with age over the years, the model is as beautiful today as she was then, don’t you think?