Rai, appeal on the failure to appoint Nicola Rao because ‘too far right’

Signed by journalists, writers, magistrates, lawyers, essayists

“We learned from ‘Repubblica’ that the journalist and historian Nicola Rao was not nominated by the top management of a Rai newspaper in the very recent round of appointments because he was too far-right to have written books such as ‘Blood and Celtic’. all of this is not true. Otherwise we would be in the presence of a case of serious cultural discrimination and corporate disinformation “. This is what is written in an appeal, signed by various exponents of the world of ucltura and journalism.

Among the signatures, those of the journalists and writers Aldo Cazzullo and Luca Telese, the judge Guido Salvini magistrate and essayist, Gianremo Armeni sociologist and writer, Antonella Beccaria journalist and writer, Fulvio Bufi correspondent of the ‘Corriere della sera’, Gigi Di Fiore correspondent of the ‘Morning’ and historian, Paride Leporace deputy director of the ‘Quotidiano del Sud’ and writer, Nicola Lofoco journalist and writer, Paolo Morando journalist and writer, Gianni Scipione Rossi journalist and historian, Vladimiro Satta documentary maker and historian, Davide Steccanella lawyer and essayist, Ugo Maria Tassinari journalist and essayist, Vittorio Macioce signs the ‘Giornale’, Andrea Ungari, university professor and historian.

“The books that Nicola Rao wrote about the years of lead over the decades – the text underlines – are the result of an enormous, serious and objective work of historical research and investigative investigation (which even allowed to repair a judicial error, demonstrated by his investigation into the torture of red terrorists). His work, therefore, represented and still represents a milestone for those of us who have always dealt with the subject “.