Rai, bad blow for the public: no one expected a decision of this type

Rai’s decision leaves the whole audience stunned: it is really difficult to predict, no one can explain it and yet it is just like that.

If you are passionate about TV and every year in the summer you always feel a little ‘orphan’ of the programs that you are passionate about during the year, in this 2022 you should not suffer too much from nostalgia with all the replicas that Rai and Mediaset have decided to broadcast.

Cancellation for Rai public (Credits: Facebook)

Replicas, among other things, highly appreciated, because they are enormously successful TV shows and series. On Saturday evening, for example, the state TV and the Biscione have seen fit to focus on two of their ‘best’ horses, that is The Voice Senior And The record show. Respectively conducted by two TV icons such as Antonella Clerici and Gerry Scotti, according to the ratings, both confirm themselves as an excellent product every weekend.

Thanks to the summer break, the public was able to rediscover one of the most successful fictions of recent years. This is a series broadcast by Rai Uno in 2015 which, however, only had one season. Really inexplicable, considering that at the time it had an excellent response in terms of audience.

Produced by Lux Vide, it aired between March and April seven years ago, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in prime time. The debut was a resounding triumph, with 5 million users and the following episodes also recorded the same excellent results. Even the last episode scored 6 million viewers with a share of 26.33%, beating the competition of Canale Cinque which at that moment was broadcasting the Wolfsburg-Napoli Europa League match. Do you remember which fiction is it?

Rai, the choice that displaces everyone: the public cannot believe it

Played by Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale, the series in question is The Veiled Lady, which was re-proposed by Rai Uno starting from Sunday 31 July. Set in the past, the story of their characters, Clara and Guido, captivated audiences who would have expected a second season.

This was not the case and there are no official reasons for this. Probably, Rai has chosen to invest more in current series rather than focusing on the historical drama genre. And, according to the results obtained in recent years, it must be admitted that it was a prudent choice.

Or, simply the decision was made on the basis of the different professional choices of the two protagonists: the former Miss Italy has always preferred to focus more on cinema, while Guanciale has always been more oriented towards products intended for the small screen.

The fact is that for the moment there is no second season of The Veiled Lady. In fact, the first part ended completely, without giving rise to thinking that there was a continuation.

Rai public
Rai audience, bitter mouthful (Credits: RaiPlay)

Would you also have liked to continue following the adventures of Clara and Guido?